Four Top Features You Need to Have in Your Backyard

For those who are lucky enough to have their own garden, you’ll know what an advantage it is. You have a grassy outside space in which you can dine, exercise, and socialize when the weather is good or play with pets and kids if you have them. However, in order to get the maximum amount of enjoyment out of your backyard, you’ll probably want there to be more to it than just a stretch of pristine lawn. Looking for some ways to level up your outdoor space? Here are four features you should definitely think about including.

1. Colorful flowerbeds

Flowers are often one of the most striking features of a garden, providing bold splashes of color that catch the eye. If you have a green thumb, tending to flowerbeds can be a wonderfully relaxing hobby in addition to elevating the look of your backyard. Another option – if you have the time, space, and talent for it – is to have a vegetable patch. Growing your own food can not only bring you a huge sense of achievement, the produce you harvest usually tastes better than what you can buy in the grocery store! Plus, if you have kids, it’s a great way to help them learn about where our food comes from.

2. A BBQ area

Everyone enjoys a BBQ in the summer months, so having an area in your backyard for cooking and dining is a very effective way to get more use and enjoyment from the space. An area of patio or decking is usually the best option, with room for both the grill itself and a set of table and chairs to eat at. Then all you need to do is stock up on burgers, sausages, and some mouthwatering sauces and rubs from, and you’ll be ready to go as soon as the weather is nice!

3. A water feature

Having a water feature in your garden is a fantastic way to add some movement and sound to the area. There are many different styles to choose from according to your budget and space, from ponds to fountains and birdbaths. Alternatively, you could opt for something a little more fun and indulgent by getting a hot tub! Either way, the gentle babble of running (or bubbling!) water is sure to create a serene atmosphere. If you don’t have space for a water feature, wind chimes and windmills are a more compact way to incorporate sound and movement in your backyard.

4. A patch for wildlife

While some people love a perfectly neat garden, for others, there’s something beautiful about letting it run a little wild. Having a patch of garden designed to attract wildlife is a lovely way to help the local environment. For example, you could plant flowers that specifically encourage pollinators such as bees and butterflies to visit your backyard, which will have a positive impact on the surrounding ecosystem. If you’re hoping to see bigger animals, try hanging up a bird feeder or squirrel feeder and see who pays you a visit. These ideas are particularly appealing if you’re a budding photographer hoping to improve your skills in wildlife photography!

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Sunil Chandel

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