5 Pieces of Digital Technology That Can Help You to Reach a Wider Audience

Despite incredibly widespread access to wider channels that the internet has granted people in recent years, it can still be difficult to reach new audiences when you’re trying to put yourself out there. There’s no need to despair, however, because there are still plenty of ways that digital technology can help you in this regard.

But although the internet can be used itself to search for other methods that would help you, the sheer number of options that you have can make the real gems hard to find. Therefore, it can help to have some suggestions of what to look for to begin with, so that you can go into your search with a preconception about what you can expect to find.

Classic Marketing Techniques

Sometimes, there’s no need to stray far from what’s proven successful in the past. This is one of those instances when tried and true methods such as emailing campaigns, or text message campaigns can have a great deal of impact, depending on who your target audience is. It’s important to look at all the options available to you, as well as information that can help you hone in on what’s most effective. WinRed SMS marketing could help you to effectively reach those who don’t have access to emails or the internet and would thus be unaffected by campaigns based on those channels.

Some of these methods have had proven results in the past for good reason, and while several places may prefer to use other, more modern means, there is still ample reason to explore the classics. Emails have their own distinct advantage due to the fact that you can send files and other pieces of information with them, giving you a bit more room to create your ideal message.

Social Media

So many people and businesses use social media now that it’s become a titan in the digital landscape that’s nearly impossible to ignore. However, the fact that there are so many users active on these various platforms means that you have a great opportunity to put yourself out there and get some attention. There are several different user-bases and you’ll find that different platforms have their own audience types unique to them, so figuring out where the best place is for you to start is something that might take a bit of research.

Leaning into the social media scene also gives you the opportunity to stretch your creative muscles and get into forms of advertising and marketing that you might not have considered before. Specifically, this could be achieved through video marketing. Creating video content provides you with an incredibly flexible piece of media that gets your message across, which can then be applied to nearly any social media platform – and made only more viewable thanks to features such as auto play.

Social media platforms have a big advantage over other more conventional forms of marketing because they are cheap and boast wider user bases. Content that is posted on these platforms can be seen by huge numbers of people who don’t have to be contacted directly in order to see it. Additionally, you don’t even have to be that active on social media platforms in order to interact with your audiences. Just by giving your audiences a means to contact you, you’ve already established a link that they can use in the future. While this isn’t something that might draw you to the medium by itself, in tandem with everything else that social media can offer, this serves more as the cherry on top, so to speak.

Streaming Technology

While the ability to stream videos is not something that’s necessarily considered all that new, it is something that’s recently surged into popularity due to the growing relevance of platforms such as Twitch. Such platforms give content creators the opportunity to connect with their audience in a more direct way, which can result in an altogether more natural, spontaneous and interactive piece of media than regular, pre-recorded videos might allow for. The content that you put out can also be more free-form in style because the main goal of the stream is to connect and interact with your audience, whereas with a video you’re trying to specifically get something across with what you’re creating. While this can mean that each individual stream might not be as directly impact as a bespoke video that you make, it also means that streams are often cheaper and easier to do because you don’t need a plan, as such, going into it.

Eventually, after enough time, you might become so comfortable a streamer as to reach the point where it helps you to build your online persona. You might build something of a name for yourself in that field and that can, in theory, draw a wider audience to you through word of mouth. It doesn’t have to go this far either, mind you. That’s the beauty of something like this – it can be as casual or integral to your strategy as possible, and you’ll still likely see some benefit out of its use. If the whole world of streaming is one that’s mostly unfamiliar to you, you might want to try and get more acquainted with it by watching a few streams of your own first. Not only will this give you some insight into the way that many of them function, but it might give you some ideas about the format and tone that you could pursue.

Developing an App

Depending on what sector your business is, or what message that you’re trying to get out there, you might find it advantageous to play to the smartphone crowd. Smartphones are increasingly prevalent in everyday life and it almost feels unusual to meet somebody who doesn’t carry one with them wherever they go. This is a huge potential audience, and you might find it easier to connect with them if you have a dedicated app that best represents your cause. This gives the smartphone user-base an easy way to see what you’re all about, and, if done correctly, gives you a chance to put your best foot forward and make a positive first impression that will really last.

Now, app development isn’t something that’s easy. If you’re not technologically minded then you’ll likely need the help of a dedicated development team in order to create something that can best showcase your intentions. With so much competition in the digital world, you’ll be constantly compared to the apps that have already done it right. Their design, their interface, their accessibility – these are all standards that you’re going to be held to if you decide to wade into these waters. It’s important that you’re aware of the kind of hurdles that you’ll be expected to jump over before you decide to take a chance and invest time and money into a cause without really committing your best effort towards it.

If you want to take a similar approach but on a smaller scale, website development is something that would still provide you with a hub to put all of your information. Furthermore, if you do decide that you want to persevere with social media, your website and social media pages could be linked to form a cohesive online representation of you and your business. Enabling your customers and audiences to easily access all the information they need to find about you will give them a smoother experience, and can therefore help to reflect positively on you.

Digital Design Software

It can be easy to forget about the methods that take place largely offline or through analogue means. However, even those have become somewhat more accessible thanks to digital technology. An obvious example of this is digital design software, which has enabled almost anyone with access to such software to design posters, leaflets, invitations, or whatever else they need. Once you have finished with your creation, access to a printer is the only thing standing between you and holding the leaflet that you’ve just made. Of course, while anyone can theoretically have access to such means, that doesn’t always mean content of the highest quality is guaranteed to be produced.

Once again, as with the app situation, you might find it preferable to enlist the help of a team of professionals to ensure that you land on a strong debut in this field. You want to develop positive associations with your brand and image, so making sure that you land on the right foot is important. Furthermore, beyond simple design considerations, it’s also vital that you’re thorough in proofreading these documents. Your message and tone need to be carefully vetted, as you’ll find it more difficult to address errors with a physical document once it’s out in the wild than something digital – which you can amend and delete through clarifications on whichever platform you decided was the best home for it.

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