Working Outside? 8 Ways to Keep the Cold at Bay

If you work outside, one of the biggest challenges is staying warm in the colder months. It seems that, no matter how many layers you wear, the cold will get to you. However, if you follow all of the tips in this guide, you should be able to keep the cold at bay.

Pre-warm your clothes

If you can pre-warm your clothes before you set off in the morning, you will be able to start the day off the right way. Turning up to work feeling warm is considerably better than starting damp and cold. Heat your clothes on a radiator the night before and you will feel the benefit in the morning.

Invest in some quality thermals

One of the most important items that you need to buy is high-quality thermals. These will go underneath your main clothes and provide a crucial barrier between your skin and the cold air. Thermals are worn by skiers, mountaineers, and anyone else that spends prolonged periods of time in the cold. Therefore, they should be worn by anyone that works outside.

Fleece leggings

In addition to high-quality thermals, you should buy a pair of fleece leggings. Fleece has been used for hundreds of years to keep workers warm. The material is naturally insulated and does a great job of raising your body temperature. However, it’s important to buy a pair of fleece leggings that don’t restrict your movement too much.

Hand warmers

Working outside with cold hands is torture. You will a high-quality pair of winter work gloves, but even these won’t keep the cold out completely. Hand warmers are a great way to stop this problem. They utilize a chemical reaction, which gives off heat when activated. That means you can keep them safely in your pocket until you really need them.

Cover every inch of skin

Exposed skin is your worst enemy when you’re trying to keep warm outside. You should attempt to cover every inch of your skin, so there are no exposed areas. It might be difficult to cover your entire face but it could be possible with a breathable balaclava. You will notice a huge difference if you cover yourself completely.

Eat fatty foods

When your body is trying to stay warm, it burns more energy than normal. However, if you eat foods that are high in fat, the biological process of metabolism will help you stay warm. Eating energy-rich, fatty foods is essential if you’re working outside all day in the cold.

Choose the right exterior clothing

Thermals and undergarments are important. But they are completely useless if you don’t have the right exterior clothing. A thick and durable winter coat and waterproof boots are essential. You can find high-quality winter workwear at Anthem Branding. Plus, you can get it personalized with your company logo to make it look professional.

Keep moving

Constant movement is the best way to keep warm. Even if you stand still for 10 minutes, you will feel your body temperature plummet. To combat this, you need to keep constantly active throughout the day. By mid-morning, you shouldn’t have any issue with the cold temperature.

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