Design studio H-O-TT unveils furniture that doubles as gym equipment

Furfit furniture series from H-O-TT

Working out at home has become a popular trend among fitness enthusiasts after the coronavirus pandemic. In the past year, we have seen lots of brands come up with fitness equipment for home. Well, the fitness equipment which we are showcasing here today is perfect for small spaces as doubles as furniture as well. Dubbed Furfit, the conceptual furniture collection is created by H-O-TT, an Amsterdam-based design studio.

Furfit furniture series from H-O-TT

The furniture collection is designed for small apartments that can turns into exercise equipment in seconds. This cool furniture range consists of 5 pieces: Heracles coffee table, Idas side table, Epimedes coat rack, a pair of Paeoneaus stool and Lasius high seat. The minimal design and multifunctional furniture range doubles as home gym equipment for a nice workout session.

furniture that doubles as gym equipment

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According to Luca Beltrame, co-founder of H-O-TT, “The idea of Furfit came to my partner Saba Nabavi Tafreshi and I during the first months of the Coronavirus lockdown. Living in a typical Dutch apartment, the space to work out wasn’t generous, so we started to think about a way to upscale our living room and find an active use for the pieces of furniture that were otherwise limiting our movements. The range is a way of transforming limitations into potential, simply achieving more with less.”

Furfit furniture series from H-O-TT

The legs of the Heracles coffee table doubles as five pair of dumbbells weighing between 2 and 5 kg. The color and diameter indicates the weight which can be seen from above. Well, if you want light weight dumbbells, you’ll have to turn to the Epimedes coat rack. Its pegs can be used as light dumbbells ranging from 0.5 kg to 2kg. Besides that, the Lasius high seat can be used as a curl barbell by simply turning it sideways. On the other hand, you can use the Idas side table as a kettlebell by simply removing its top. Lastly, the pair of stools can be laid flat on the ground and used as push-up bars.

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Furfit furniture series from H-O-TT

All these furniture pieces that turns into a home gym equipment comes with a traditional screw system. This simple mechanism allows the user to add and remove parts and change the object’s function. For now, the Furfit series is only a conceptual one. However, H-O-TT is seeking a manufacturing partner to turn this concept into reality. If all goes well, the collection could launch next year at Milan Design Week.
furniture that doubles as gym equipment from H-O-TT
furniture that doubles as gym equipment from H-O-TT

Via: ArchitecturalDigest

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