Walkcar: Japanese company unveils laptop-sized electric personal transporter

Walkcar personal transporter from Cocoa Motors
Cocoa Motors, Japan-based company has created a “portable car” that is the size of a 13-inch laptop. Confused? Well, it is not our typical shaped car, but a square -shaped laptop sized electric vehicle. Christened Walkcar, the electric vehicle is similar to a skateboard but one doesn’t have to use any physical energy to ride it. It can be used to travel short distances and can be stored conveniently in a small backpack.

The Walkcar from Cocoa Motors comes with a flat deck for standing and four small wheels. The frame of the vehicle is made from super light carbon fiber that offers smooth driving. Besides that, the aircraft grade aluminum material provides strength to the four-wheel independent suspension. This portable electric vehicle is the size of a 13 inch laptop and stands just 74mm above the ground.

Walkcar from Cocoa Motors

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Weighing just 6.5lb (2.9kg), the Walkcar is one of the world’s lightest personal mobility vehicles. Also, it comes with the world’s smallest in-wheel motor which has been developed after 5 years of hard work. The electric motor is integrated into the device’s body through welding to save space. The portable transporter doesn’t come with a handle or a remote control to operate. Instead, the four sensors installed inside the deck will offer users a hands-free control of the device. Just by shifting the weight, the rider can accelerate, deaccelerate and make a right or left turn.

personal transporter from Cocoa Motors

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The Walkcar personal transporter from Cocoa Motors can reach a maximum speed of 16km/h and can ride up slopes of up to 10 degrees. Furthermore, it can handle weight up to 60kg and has a range of 7km on a single charge. It takes one hour to fully charge Walkcar’s battery. It is available in three variants: walking assist mode, normal mode and sports mode. The Walkcar personal mobility vehicle is priced at $ 2,280. Interested buyers can visit the company’s official website for more information.

personal transporter from Cocoa Motors-
Walkcar from Cocoa Motors

Via: BusinessInsider

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