Vollebak creates Garbage watch from e-waste

Garbage Watch from Vollebak
Most of us are aware that Plastic waste is the biggest threat to our planet. However, with increasing demand and production of electronics and gadgets, electronic waste is also filling our landfills pretty fast. About 50 million tonnes of e-waste is produced every year, most of which can be recycled but instead ends up in landfills. Vollebak, UK-based clothing brand has come up with an eco-friendly timepiece which is made from electronic waste.

Garbage Watch

Named Garbage Watch, the timepiece is built using material from basic electronic devices and gadgets. It is crafted using microchips from smartphones, recycled cables, motherboards and TV wiring. The design clearly displays the upcycled items used for building the watch. The colorful design of the prototype is eye-catchy and the strap made from recycled wires is worthy of appreciation.

Garbage Watch from e-waste

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The Garbage Watch from Vollebak started with a very simple idea. What if garbage isn’t garbage? The brand saw pre-assembled discarded gadgets as potential raw material for creating new things. Interestingly, they figure out a way to re-use stuff that is already here and save it from polluting our planet. Thus, this innovative idea led to the creation of the Garbage watch. Most people are ignorant that throw away discarded gadgets in landfills which contain precious metals such as silver, platinum, copper and nickel. Unfortunately, 7% of the world’s gold is also found in e-waste. Thus, if we start recycling our e-waste consciously, it can save our planet and our hard-earned money as well.

Vollebak creates Garbage Watch from e-waste

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Vollebak has collaborated with Wallpaper* Re-Made project for the Garbage Watch. The brand will continue the journey into next year of developing this sustainable watch. Meanwhile, the team will keep sharing the story of the watch in becoming an eco-friendly product. The timepiece will launch in 2021.

Garbage Watch from Vollebak

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