Typewriter Gun Series: Artist transforms vintage typewriters into guns

Eric Nado transforms Typewriters into Guns-2

Eric Nado, a 42-year-old artist based in Longueuil, Québec has come up with a very interesting and thought enraging artwork in the form of Typewriter Gun Series. Working with scraps of industrial machinery, recycled and salvaged from various urban spaces, his work has revolved around the storytelling of our collective past through nostalgia-imprinted sculptures and assemblies. Well, for his new bold typewriter gun series, the artist has transformed various Underwood Olivetti Lettera 32 typewriting machines along with few other brands into Typewriter Guns by reassembling every piece of the original machines.

Inspired by the old adage “the pen is mightier than the sword,” the series triggers the idea that words are stronger than arms and had more impact than guns in shaping our history. These colored non-functional steampunk guns are made by recycling and reassembling typewriting machines of vintage brands such as Olivetti, Underwood and Royal. Each and every part of a particular typewriter has been used to construct a specific gun.

Typewriter Gun Series from Eric Nado-4

Typewriter Gun Series from Eric Nado-

The motivation behind making these sculptures was rooted in Eric’s brain from a very young age. He use to play with his mother’s typewriter when he was young and the sound of key pressing induced the sound of gun shots for him. This memory of his childhood inspired him years later to transform these evocative machines into representations of a gun arsenal.
Typewriter Gun Series from Eric Nado
Typewriter Gun Series from Eric Nado

Well, if you are impressed enough and wants a Typewriter Gun by Eric Nado for yourself, get one here for about $2,800 a piece.

Typewriter Gun Series from Eric Nado
Eric Nado transforms Typewriters into Guns

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