Dizzying glass walkway embraces Tianmen Mountain in China

Coiling Dragon Cliff around Tianmen Mountain in China

This post is strictly not for acrophobics! However if you’ve got an adventurous nerve and always up for thrilling activities, then here’s a good news for you. China has recently opened the 100-meter long Coiling Dragon Cliff glass walkway for tourists and thrill-seekers. The dizzying glass walkway embraces cliffs of Tianmen Mountain in southern China’s Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.

The bridge walkway is 1.6-meters wide, and boasts a transparent platform that allow daring sightseers to look down and witness magnificent cliff formations below. It is the third glass walkway in the Tianmen Mountain, as there’s already a glass bridge hanging 430-meters above over a canyon.

Coiling Dragon Cliff around Tianmen Mountain in China

One could certainly get the heebie-jeebies by just looking at pictures showing the sheer height of the transparent skywalk. In the images, you can see that some tourists preferred to stay close to the mountain when crossing the see-through glass walkway. On the other hand, others were daring enough to walk close to the railings, while taking cool selfies.

Coiling Dragon Cliff around Tianmen Mountain in China

Looking down from such heights will make anyone’s stomach churn, hence it’s a big ‘No’ for faint-hearted. Nonetheless, people who successfully passed through the terrifying glass walkway can proudly pat yourself on the back for the thrilling achievement.

Coiling Dragon Cliff around Tianmen Mountain in China

Via: Time

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