Roewe RX5: Alibaba’s internet-connected car with its own OS


In collaboration with car manufacturer SAIC, Chinese internet giant Alibaba has released the world’s first internet car, Roewe RX5. The smart internet-connected car comes with its own operating system that’s especially built for automotive industry by Alibaba’s YunOS division. Due to its YunOS software, the car will be able to use Alibaba’s own e-commerce ecosystem, Alipay, for certain services like online payment for gas bills, parking spaces, as well as coffee shop bills.


The car features a smart dashboard that runs on the same software. For operation, each driver will be provided with an internet ID that can be used to access the OS and also to recognize different users. According to the company, the car’s onboard “intelligent mapping system” can be operated without GPS or Wi-Fi. This means the RX5 software runs separately from the user’s smartphone unlike Google’s Android Auto.


With this amazing smart car, the company is aiming to bring internet connectivity into the automotive industry. Interior of the car is equipped with navigation and voice control features, along with three LED screens for interfacing with the OS. The 360-degree detachable cameras are also present inside the car for recording trips and clicking selfies. The OS can even makes recommendations for music, nearby restaurants as well as air temperature in the car; all based on your past trips.

The car will be powered by 1.5 and 2.0 liter turbocharged petrol engines. Pricing starts at RMB 148,800 (approx. US $22,243) and deliveries can be expected in August 2016. However, no further details are reveled by the company.


Via: Motoroids

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