Ideum 55-inch UHD coffee table recognizes real-world objects

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We’ve seen plenty of multitouch coffee tables so far, but Ideum 55-inch UHD coffee table is more than that. The touchscreen table is designed to provide incredible interactive experiences, as this smart piece of furniture is able to recognize real-world objects. It allows the users to interact with it while holding tangible objects such as coffee mugs and wine glasses. Besides that, the table even displays available information about the wine in glasses, thus offers amazing wine tasting experience.

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Ideum UHD table is integrated with 3D-printed capacitive markers that are present under the screen, where objects are to be placed. There’s a built-in software that can recognize different objects by their printed patterns to display needed information about the vino. The company has created these intelligent markers in collaboration with various partners.

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If we talk about it’s technical specifications, the table has 3,840 x 2,160 resolution and runs on Windows 10 with Intel Core i7 Processor. The multi-touch tabletop is supported by aircraft-grade aluminum body that’s sleek and lightweight. It is a Duet-line product with 3M tech, which allows up to four users to interact with it at once, along with nearly 60 simultaneous touch points.

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This Ideum coffee table is an amazing touchscreen table, but more suitable for restaurants or other business platforms rather than private spaces or homes. It is going to keep restaurant guests engaged due to the information it has to offer, plus customers can even leave feedbacks about the services via the table itself. The company is now taking orders for the touchscreen coffee table and its price range from US$6,000 to $20,000.

Via: Gizmag

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