Glifo writing tools let disabled children express their creativity


In collaboration with TOG and Open Dot Milano, a collaborative team has created Glifo writing tools to let disabled children express their creativity. Due to nervous system related impairments, affected children often face trouble in minute movements of hands while writing or drawing. But all thanks to these new colorful writing instruments, made using 3D printing technologies, these kids can freely write and draw.


Milan-based organization TOG (together to go) aids and rehabilitates young ones with cognitive, motor, or other disabilities. Their latest initiative is to let children express themselves freely on a piece of paper without any inconvenience.

Designed by multiple-owners Elisa Castelletta, Giovanni Dipilato, Sara Monacchi, Andrea Pelino, and Luca Toscano – the tools are optimized and customized as per different age group, personal needs and preferences of the user.


These instruments are designed keeping in mind special needs of these kids. The Glifo series includes a set of handles including gee, lee, eff and oow tablet. The tablet helps children to secure paper to the table and writing tools let them write/draw on it. This is a great initiative by various designers and organizations to improve writing and creative skills of kids with disabilities.

Check out the following video and images to find out more about these special writing instruments.


Writing instruments are available in different color options


Tablet for securing paper


These tools are made using 3D printing technology

Via: Designboom

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