Scrap metal and wood animal sculptures are recycling wonders


These scrap metal and wood animal sculptures by Central Oregon-based artist Jason Waldron are one of the most intricate and creative uses of recycled materials that you’d ever see. Taking inspiration from wildlife and nature, the talented artist creates incredibly realistic art pieces using nothing but discarded pieces of metal and salvaged wood.

Instead of hiding corrosion of metal, Waldron has beautifully blended the degradation of materials with bits of wood. A bunch of discarded machinery marrying bits of wood together results in outstanding figures with some real steampunk vibe. After looking at these masterpieces, we have found out that the artist knows it well how to reflect natural wildlife using non-living objects.


The free flowing and creative arrangements form sculptures that take life of their own with expressive faces and proportional bodies. Just look at the intensity of this expressive artwork. Imagine if someday these metal and wood animals come alive for enslaving humankind. Sounds too scary, right? But instead these handmade sculpts are created to be a part of any traditional or contemporary home decor.

For Waldron, this extraordinary artwork is a reflection of his personal and spiritual transformations within himself. His love for creativity is the reason why he even left his job 14 years ago, and dedicated himself completely into designing sculptural wildlife figures made out of foraged wood and metal scraps.


After years of hard work and practice, Waldron is now able to mold salvaged materials into any desired intricate shape and design. Now this amazing artwork has become a link between the artist and audience. One can clearly feel sense of animation and spirit in these recycled wonders, which seems to be alive.

Check out the images and video (given below) to know more about Waldron’s sculptural expressions.

jason-waldron-animal-sculptures jason-waldron-animal-sculptures jason-waldron-animal-sculptures

Via: MYModernMet

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