Six Flags teams with Samsung for VR roller coasters

VR roller coasters by Six Flags and Samsung

Six Flags Entertainment Corporation, world’s largest amusement park corporation is looking to enhance your roller coasters experience to a more exciting level. The company has teamed up with Samsung to offer virtual reality roller coasters across various locations in US. Six Flags is looking to offer roller coaster riders a more immersive experience by making them wear Samsung’s Oculus-powered Gear VR headsets during the ride.  This ground-breaking virtual riding experience will make its debut at nine Six Flags parks across North America.

Wearing Samsung Gear VR headsets, the riders will feel the heart-pumping adrenaline of steep drops, inverted loops and powerful twists and turns. All this action will be synchronized by gyroscopes, accelerometers and proximity sensors in an incredibly realistic 360-degree virtual reality world. Beginning this month and into the summer, Six Flags and Samsung will launch total nine new VR Roller Coasters across the U.S.

VR roller coasters by Six Flags and Samsung

Six of the ‘New Revolution’ virtual reality coasters will transport riders to a futuristic battle to save planet earth from an alien invasion. Riders will see them as co-pilots in their own fighter jets as they strap in for air-to-air combat. The other three are Superman-themed VR coasters where riders will be fully immersed in the 360-degree comic-book world of Metropolis. Riders will glide alongside Superman as he battles the evil Lexbots through hairpin twists and turns, loops, dips and dives before ultimately defeating Lex Luthor and the Lexbots.

Well, Six Flags is not the only company that’s venturing into virtual reality coasters. Alton Towers is also all set to open a VR roller coaster ride in UK next month which will also utilize Samsung’s Gear VR headsets.

Credit: Engadget
Source: Samsung

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