NAMM 2016: Fender unveils In-Ear Monitor Series for musicians

NAMM 2016 Fender In-Ear Monitor Series

Fender is renowned for its high-quality guitars and amps used by musicians from different genres. But the guitar giant has now entered into the world of headphones as well. At NAMM 2016, the company has unveiled its first ever In-Ear Monitor Series that’s intended for audio professionals. If you’re not familiar with in-ear monitors, let us enlighten you that these are music equipments usually worn by musicians while recording in the studio or on stage. The monitors allow the musicians to hear the backing track as well as metronome tick during shows or events.

NAMM 2016 Fender In-Ear Monitor Series

Created by the company Aurisonics, Inc., which Fender acquired back in 2015, the new line is integrated with advanced technology to provide immersive multidimensional listening experience. The lineup includes five different models such as DXA1, FXA2, FXA5, FXA6, and FXA7.

The affordable options are: DXA1 available for $100 with rare-earth driver and Digital Hybrid Technology (DHT) shell. This model features a 8.5mm titanium micro driver with frequency range 14Hz to 22kHz. The FXA2 that sells for $200, features 9.25mm rare-earth driver, bass port and DHT shell, along with frequency range of 6Hz to 23kHz.

NAMM 2016 Fender In-Ear Monitor Series

On the other hand, top-of-the-line is a bit pricey but embedded with superior features. For $300, the FXA5 comes with dual Hybrid-Dynamic-tuned Balanced Armature Array (HDBA) drivers, and has frequency response of 19Hz to 21kHz. The $400 FXA6 features a single balanced armature driver, rare-earth driver, and offers a frequency range 6Hz to 22kHz. Last but not the least, FXA7 sells for $500 and contains dual balanced armature, along with custom 9.25mm precision rare-earth driver, and a claimed frequency range of 6Hz to 24kHz.

NAMM 2016 Fender In-Ear Monitor Series

Each model in the series features SureSeal tips for a comfortable fit, a deluxe carrying case for extra protection, as well as a cleaning tool for proper maintenance. As mentioned before that these models are for musicians, so each piece of in-ear monitor with distinct design is for different musicians such as drummers, bass players and guitarists. The entire in-ear monitor lineup by Fender will be available for purchase in March. If you’re really particular about music quality, keep an eye out for them.

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