Lithosphere coffee table imitates concentric layers of earth

Lithosphere Coffee Table by Design Gallery Stuff of Matter and Studio deFORM

Modern furniture designs are opting sleek rock substances like marble to form sturdy yet sophisticated pieces of decor. Recently London-based Design Gallery Matter of Stuff has unveiled the chic Lithosphere Coffee Table, which interprets allied rock mysteries. Curated by architects MOS, minimalist design of the stunning table is the ultimate creation by Studio deFORM from London and Italian marble manufacturer Cianciullo Marmi.

The table consists of four different colored marble units that are nested together to form decoratively functional piece of furniture. These different marble slabs are collected from specific areas of Italy and assembled to interpret concentric layers such as earth’s crust, mantle, a liquid outer core and a solid inner core (which is composed of the crust and upper mantle multilayer rock formations).

Lithosphere Coffee Table by Design Gallery Stuff of Matter and Studio deFORM

Inspired by earth’s crust and upper mantle lithosphere, the gorgeous coffee table blends simplicity and style for enhancing visual appeal of any interior. This is not the first time we’ve seen incredible stone furnishing, before this we featured artistic rock formation-inspired outdoor seating by Kreoo on MyCoolBin.

Lithosphere Coffee Table by Design Gallery Stuff of Matter and Studio deFORM

However, Lithosphere table represents the inner layers of earth through tough stone pieces, which is exceptionally commendable. We would have never imagined that interior of earth could be presented so beautifully, that too using rugged pieces of rock. Although we are not sure about its availability and pricing so far- as it is just a prototype. But the Lithosphere coffee table will certainly give slick, earthy makeover to any living area, if it ever comes out commercially.

Via: Designboom

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