Bombardier’s futuristic Korbiyor driverless electric hearse

Korbiyor driverless electric hearse by Bombardier

With each passing day we keep hearing about how upcoming driverless cars are going to completely change mode of commuting in future. But have you ever imagined the same technology in funeral cars? Well, I know no one likes to talk or imagine about death, but there is one firm that wants to change the way you say goodbye to the world.

However, Bombardier, world’s leading manufacturer of both planes and trains, has envisioned a futuristic driverless electric hearse dubbed Korbiyor to transport the deceased to his/her final resting place. The self-driving electric funeral car is mounted on mecanum wheels, which can move into any direction with ease.

Due to these flexible wheels, Korbiyor can slowly rotate, execute maneuvers in tight spots and smoothly position itself in any desired direction without damaging the floors. Besides that, the electric vehicle also features a refrigerated coffin enclosed in transparent glass, multimedia projector and surround sound system.

The coffin can be remotely raised or lowered in the vehicle, allowing people to see the person one last time. Inner temperature of the casket will remain cool by fuel cell technology, keeping the body at normal condition. Apart from transparent casket, the coffin could be made of plastic or any other material.

Electric hearse will even incorporate multimedia projector that can be used to play recent photographic memories or videos of the person, and the sound system is for playing the recently dead’s favorite music throughout the funeral process. However, these features are optional and can remain inactive if the loved one’s want to depart the body in complete peace.

Korbiyor will completely reinvent the design of conventional hearses, giving them high-end robotic touch. The driverless funeral car is still a prototype and needs to undergo several tests before becoming live. But this futuristic technology has raised few questions in my mind: would people accept such futuristic hearses for traditional funeral ceremonies? Do we really need such high-tech features even in things related with our sentiments?

Feel free to share your views about this robotic technology embedded in funeral cars. Do you think such advanced technology is required in hearses or not?

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