Maximo Riera’s Animal Chair collection adds Toad Sofa to the family

Spanish artist Maximo Riera, who is very well known for his amazing Animal Chair collection which comprises of distinct range of species including mammals, reptiles and insects too has added a new member to the family in the form of the “Toad Sofa”.

This chair looks like the common species of Toad, native of European and North African continents. This oversized Toad Sofa whose design is inspired from the back part of the toad is the first two-seater chair in the Animal Chair collection.

Toad Sofa by Maximo Riera

Toad Sofa by Maximo Riera

The headless illustration helps in making an emotional connection with the viewer. The front section of the chair provides a conservative baroque style. Limited to just 20 pieces, the Toad Sofa by Maximo Riera is priced at $88,500.

The Animal Chair collection already includes the Octopus chair, the Rhino chair, the Elephant chair, the Walrus chair and the Whale chair.

Toad Sofa by Maximo Riera

Toad Sofa by Maximo Riera

Toad Sofa by Maximo Riera

Via: SpicytecLuxurylaunches

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