TiBolt- American made Titanium writing instrument with bolt mechanism

Brian Fellhoelter, a Toolmaker from Arizona who has produced award winning tools like Pocket Knives, Pens and Whistles is back with his latest project, TiBolt a US made Titanium bolt action writing instrument.

The pen is 100% Titanium made except the ink cartridge, spring, O-ring and the stylus nib. The capacitive silicone made stylus nib can be attached to its end for working on touchscreens of tablets and smartphones.

TiBolt writing instrument

TiBolt- Titanium bolt action writing instrument

TiBolt has length of 139 mm, diameter of 11mm and weighs about 42 grams. Fellhoelter has improved the design of the pen to accept Parker or Fisher Space Pen refills. The TiBolt writing instrument recently won the Best Non Knife Accessory award at the 2012 Usual Suspect Network’s Gathering.

Fellhoelter’s project is a part of Kickstarter campaign, and if you want one TiBolt pen for yourself, minimum pledge starts at $99. Delivery is expected in March 2013.

TiBolt writing instrument

TiBolt writing instrument

TiBolt writing instrument

Via: Kickstarter

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