TOTO’s Poo-Powered motorcycle is stinky cool

It’s weird looking, environment friendly and poo-powered too. We are talking about the “Toilet Bike Neo” a three-wheel green motorcycle which runs on bio-gas produced from livestock waste and sewage.

This funny looking 250cc bike has been created by Toto, Japan’s leading toilet manufacturing company and is termed as the world’s first waste-powered vehicle which can travel a distance of 300 kilometers on a single tank of animal waste.

TOTO's Poo-Powered motorcycle

“Toilet Bike Neo” By TOTO

The “Toilet Bike Neo” made its debut on Thursday at a showroom in Fujisawa near Tokyo, after the development talks started way back in 2009. A toilet-shaped fuel tank serves as a bizarre looking rider’s seat and features a huge toilet paper roll at the back.

TOTO's Poo-Powered motorcycle

“Toilet Bike Neo” poo powered motorcycle

By developing environmentally-friendly products, the company wants to raise awareness among the people about their green campaign.

The Poop-Powered Motorcycle will be touring around Japan in October and the company has no plans to sell it.

TOTO's Poo-Powered motorcycle

“Toilet Bike Neo” poo powered motorcycle


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