KABUTOM RX-03 is a humongous six legged rhinoceros beetle robot

Check out this huge and amazing KABUTOM RX-03 functional robot created by a 60 year old Japanese engineer Hitoshi Takahashi who dedicated eleven years of his life to built this humongous robot. The giant and impressive KABUTOM RX-03 is 11 meter long and weighs about 17 ton and is shaped like a rhinoceros beetle with six mechanical legs.

KABUTOM RX-03 rhinoceros beetle robot

Takahashi unveiled his creation back in 2008 during a television show which gained him a lot of popularity all over Japan and since then the KABUTOM RX-03 is performing all over the country at many events.

KABUTOM RX-03 rhinoceros beetle robot

Although the robot is heavy, it can still move with ease all to the courtesy of six diesel-powered legs and supporting wheels. The Beetle features an impressive control panel which provides enough room inside to carry a couple of passengers. However if are afraid to do so this six legged monster can also be controlled thorough a remote-control.

KABUTOM RX-03 rhinoceros beetle robot

KABUTOM RX-03 rhinoceros beetle robot

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