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Soundesk coffee table comes with built-in Bluetooth speaker

Soundesk by CoolGeek

CoolGeek, an innovative industrial designer’s team from Denmark has come up with a modern hi-tech coffee table. Dubbed Soundesk, the stylish table is a perfect combination of modern furniture and technology. Soundesk is a round glass coffee table with a conical base that packs a built-in Bluetooth speaker to offer 360-degree surround sound. Soundesk’s minimalist design with finely crafted metal base and beautiful glass table surface is ideal for small living spaces.

Portable and wireless Aura speaker by Harman Kardon

Manufacturer of high quality home and car audio equipments, Harman Kardon has unveiled their latest wireless speaker.  Christened Aura speaker, the wireless and portable sound system has taken inspiration from the company’s popular Soundstick audio system. It is compact in size and can be carried easily to different locations. It comes with six 1.5-inch high internal speakers and a 4.5-inch subwoofer which produces loud and 360 degree omnidirectional high quality sound so don’t let the small size of Aura speaker fool you.

Enjoy the music at your feet with the Sneaker Speaker

Here is a unique and completely new way to listen your favorite music that will make you thump your feet to the beat all day long.

New York based studio Ray Kingston Inc. has introduced a creative wireless speaker that a user can wear around his sneakers. Called “Sneaker Speaker” this wireless gadget can be a cool fashion accessory for the music loving generation of today.