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Suunto unveils new traverse alpha watches for fishing and hunting

Suunto Traverse Alpha watches

Suunto, Finland-based Watch Company known to manufacture sports watches, Heart rate monitors and smart wearables for avid travelers has come up with their new product. The company has added two new traverse alpha watches to the Suunto traverse product family. Specifically developed for fishing and hunting, the two models combine rugged design with a dependent set of unique outdoor features. Dubbed Suunto Traverse Alpha Stealth and Alpha Foliage, these outdoor watches are among the very few that are designed exclusively for fishermen and hunters.

Japanese company designs wearable chair for surgeons

Archiles wearable chair by Nitto

Wearable technology is making our lives much more comfortable by each passing day. There are wearables that help us organize our work, socialize with our friends and keep track of our health. Well, how about a wearable for those who have to be on their feet during most part of their working hours? Yokohama-based mould factory Nitto have just done that by developing a wearable chair. Christened Archelis (which means “walkable chair” in Japanese), the innovative wearable has been specifically designed for people in medical field such as surgeons and doctors.

10 head-to-toe wearable gadgets for tech enthusiasts in your life

10 head-to-toe wearable gadgets for tech enthusiasts in your life

We live in the era of technology, where people can dress up in wearable gadgets to keep track on their routine habits that are often neglected due to hectic work life. From wristbands that connect to your smartphone to shirts that keep tab on your heart rate, it has been very clear that the tech world is slowly blending with the fashion industry.

Wearable Tech: EasyJet teams up with CuteCircuit to unveil futuristic uniforms

Wearable Tech EasyJet teams up with CuteCircuit to unveil futuristic uniforms

Looks like wearable technology is about to reach new heights as EasyJet, British low-cost airline carrier is about to introduce smart uniforms for their staff. Designed for both cabin crew and aircraft engineers, the futuristic uniforms embedded with LED lights and sensors have been released to mark the 20th anniversary of the airliner. The uniforms will come integrated with variety of wearable tech features to improve passenger safety procedures and for enhanced communication as well.

Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse tracks your steps, sleep and heart rate for $15

Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse

It’s time to say goodbye to your old fitness band, as Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse is here to keep tab on your overall health from tracking daily activities to heart rate monitoring. With the launch of its second Mi Band Pulse, Xiaomi has become the world’s second largest seller of wearable technology behind only Fitbit. Wondering how did they managed to gaining so much popularity in less time? Well, the company’s Xiaomi Mi Band 1S or Mi Band Pulse is packed with high-end features just for $15.

Wearable Tech: Fashionable Oura ring keeps track of your sleep and activity

Sleep Monitoring Oura Ring

Proper sleep is very essential to start your each day with a fresh mind. But in today’s hectic work life people are getting too stressed out that they don’t get enough sleep. Nevertheless, there are already various sleep monitors in the market to ensure how well you are resting. But these always come in unaesthetic shapes or simply in form of watches that people don’t want to wear while sleeping.

Wearable technology: Ralph Lauren’s PoloTech shirt is ready to hit the market

PoloTech shirt by Ralph Lauren

It was almost a year ago when the PoloTech shirt developed by luxury fashion brand Ralph Lauren was showcased at the US Open tennis tournament. Well, at that time it was only worn by ball boys and player Marcos Giron during his practice session. Now, taking a big leap race to produce fashionable wearable-technology products, the brand will be launching the PoloTech smart shirt for general masses in time for this year’s U.S. Open.