Inventor Colin Furze comes up with a Thermite launcher

Colin Furze creates Thermite launcher

If you have heard of Colin Furze, then you’ll certainly know what a crazy guy he is. Well, if you haven’t heard of him, let us brief you about him. Colin Furze is a British garage inventor, stuntman, filmmaker and YouTuber who love to do all the insane stuff that come to his mind. And, of course he loves to share it with the world. From creating a firework rocket launcher to Flamethrower Scooter, this 37-year-old world record holder from Lincolnshire, England has become a famous internet sensation over the period.

Red Bull Air Force performs 8 extreme aerial disciplines in one running sequence [Video]

RBAF performs 8 extreme aerial disciplines

If you love extreme sports such as Base Jumping and Skydiving, you’re here for a treat. Well, not just that, we have eight heart-pounding action packed aerial disciplines in one continuous sequence for you here today. Red Bull Air Force (RBAF), an elite sports team of highly-skilled and experienced aviation experts have come up with their dream project. Led by Jon DeVore, manager of the Red Bull Air Force, the team has created a massive sequence that shows every air sports discipline they perform on the RBAF team.

YouTube user recreates Linkin Park’s ‘In the End’ by using clips from 183 movies [Video]

Linkin Park's 'In the End' Sung by 183 Movies

Although, Linkin Park has come a long way since it was formed back in 1996, most of people still remembers them by their most popular single hit, ‘In the End.’ Band’s highest charting single in the US, ‘In the End’ was awarded Best Rock Video and Best Direction awards by MTV. Well, looks like the song is still inspiring people even today. One such guy is YouTube user “The Unusual Suspect” who has recreated the rock song by using dialogues and phrases delivered by characters from more than 183 different movies. How cool is that!

Explosionism: Drew Lausman creates art with fireworks

Explosionism by Drew Lausman

Art can be expressed in infinite number of ways. Time and again, artists from around the globe and their unique ways of creating artwork have proved it. Here is one more artist who has given birth to a rather distinctive and new genre of art.  Called Explosionism, this cool form of modern art is created by Drew Lausman, a Lakeland, US-based artist which demands the use of fireworks to create various landscapes, planets, space-scapes and galaxies. This unusual process of making art involves dipping the firecrackers in paint and then blowing them against the canvass. Though, it sounds bizarre, but this is how Drew has crafted 200 paintings in four years.

Star Wars Effect: Jay Leno drives Hot Wheels Darth Vader Car

Hot Wheels Darth Vader Car

Star Wars fans are pretty excited as only couple of days is left in the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, one of the year’s most eagerly awaited movies. Therefore, to keep you all Star Wars fan in the mood until premiere, we have something cool for you. To celebrate the movie, Jay Leno’s Garage has released a new video in which Jay Leno is driving the Hot Wheels Darth Vader car. Before that, he is seen talking to Hot Wheels design boss Bryan Benedict who explains the complex function of the life-size car modeled after Darth Vader’s helmet.

Teddy Bear Toss: Watch 28,815 teddies being thrown during a hockey game[Video]

Record toys thrown at annual Teddy bear toss

Ever heard about Teddy bear toss? If not, let me tell you it is a popular Christmas season promotion at hockey arenas throughout North America. Fans are encouraged to bring teddy bears to the game and as the home team scores its first goal, the fans throw them onto the ice rink. The toys are then gathered up to be donated as Christmas presents to hospitals and children charities. This past Sunday, Calgary Hitmen of Canada’s Western Hockey League celebrated their annual Teddy Bear Toss which saw 28,815 teddies being thrown onto the ice, therefore setting a new club record.

Vietnamese Dark Knight: A Scrap-part Built Batpod replica

About a month ago a bike enthusiast Tung Lam from Vietnam posted a video on YouTube of himself riding his homemade prototype of a Batpod which he has named the “Vietnamese Dark Knight”. The video went viral and just after 10 days it received about 370,000 views in spite of the fact that the BatPod was still incomplete.

Now just after a month later after the first video was released, the young mechanic posted another video a few days back and it seems like the scrap part built Batpod bike is complete and fully functional.