Drivable Lego Bugatti Chiron is the best Lego creation ever

Bugatti Chiron from LEGO

We have seen lots of cool and incredible things made from Lego bricks in the past by artists, brands and individuals. However for a change, LEGO, the Danish Toy Company itself has taken matter into their hands and created a masterpiece which is absolutely out of this world. The renowned toy company has created a life-size drivable replica of Bugatti Chiron built from more than million LEGO bricks. The drivable replica of the world’s fastest car is one of the most complex and astonishing objects ever crafted from Lego bricks.

World’s most expensive fidget spinner will set you back £13,000

world's most expensive fidget spinner by Caviar

The fidget spinner trend has grown by leaps and bounds in the year 2017. Although, questions still looming over its invention, the toy sensation is a must have for kids these days. The toy marketed to help with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and work as a tool to promote concentration among children with autism spectrum disorders also accounts to its popularity among the masses. However, for the elite class, the basic fidget spinner is not glamorous enough which is why we have a gold-plated version of the toy for them.

Lampster: Tech enthusiasts creates the coolest lamp ever

Lampster-Coolest lamp ever

Table lambs we normally use in our homes often present a quite boring appearance. Thus, deep down we all wish for a cool table lamp that can be proudly exhibited as a decorative piece. Well, looks like our wish is about to come true as Radu & Andrew, a creative team of free thinking designers and tech enthusiasts have built the coolest lamp ever. Designed as a toy robot posing like a superhero, the custom built lamp comes with its own attitude and a shape that reflects power and confidence. Dubbed Lampster, the customizable robo lamp features 2 LED light sources; A RGB controlled by mobile and a clear one controlled by touch.

Aston Martin DB5 1/3 scale model can be yours for $43,000

Aston Martin DB5 scale model by Propshop

Die-hard Aston Martin fans and James Bond lovers with enough money to splash on toy collectibles, we have something very cool and exclusive for you., the only official James Bond store is offering a 1/3 scale model of Aston Martin DB5, the luxury grand tourer made famous by 007 movies Goldfinger and Skyfall for a hefty sum of $43,000. Created by UK-based Propshop, the one-third size replica of the bond’s car will be offered in a limited edition of just 100 DB5 models.

Fully 3D-printed walking toy tank can be yours for $5,000

3D-printed walking toy tank by Michael Sng

Toys of today are getting more real and awesome than before. Not only they mesmerize and appeal to the kids; most of them are designed to impress the grown-up generation as well. Although toys are meant for the young ones, once in a while we encounter an intricate creation that we want to have for ourselves rather than for our kids. The HMC Boudicca is one such ultimate toy that you can get for yourself by shelling out $5,000 from your pocket. Created by Singapore-based designer Michael Sng, the walking robot-like machine is a hand built, hand painted and a fully 3D printed walking tank.