Buffalo tent is your perfect camping companion for outdoor festivals

Buffalo Tent by Alien Buffalo Designs

A tent is a man’s best friend while travelling, but there are very few that can fully satisfy one in terms of comfort, space and portability. Especially during outdoor festivals and week-long events, a dome shaped tent is not of much use with its less spacious design and no comfort at all. Well, to address all these issues, Alien Buffalo Designs, a Roseville, CA-based brand specialized in modern camping equipment’s has come up with Buffalo Tent. Boasting a pyramid-like design, this state-of-the-art tent is inspired from ancient shelters such as tepee, yurt and Scandinavian Goahti.

Eat, breath and sleep in Iron Maiden ‘The Trooper’ tent

Iron Maiden The Trooper Tent

Iron Maiden top the charts not only in music, but everything they do. Be it their signature beer custom headphones or touring vehicle – everything carries their unique metal style. Although some of these products are not very good, but who cares they’ve got numerous fans who are ready to buy anything they sell. Now for music festival goers, the heavy metal band has come up with the coolest ‘The Trooper’ tent.

KarTent: Disposable tent withstands three days of constant rain

KarTent Cardboard Tent

If you’re a regular music festival goer, then you may have seen people (or probably you’re equally guilty of) leaving the temporary tent behind after the event. This leads to huge amount of wastage- as the ditched tents are destined for landfills. To combat the problem, Dutch start-up company KarTent has found a 100-percent recyclable solution in form of a cardboard tent. But wait, can this cardboard shelter survive in a rainy day?

3-in-1 shelter turns from coat to tent/sleeping bag in seconds

3-in-1 Syrian Refugee Wearable Shelter

To provide a convenient emergency gear to Syrian refugees, a group of design students from London’s Royal College of Art has recently unveiled a prototype wearable shelter that combines the use of clothing and shelter in one simple design. This is basically a 3-in-1 shelter that can transform from a jacket to a tent or a sleeping bag in mere seconds. Hence, offers cheap and sustainable solution to people bombarded by disasters.

Lighting-proof Bolt Tent ensures safety during thunderstorms

Lighting-proof Bolt Tent by Kama Jania

Lighting strikes fear into the hearts of many people, and chances of being struck by thunderbolt increase when you’re outdoors. Although getting struck by lighting is not frequent, but deaths and injuries due to storm are very common. Mostly campers have to deal with such harsh weather conditions. But not anymore, as industrial designer Kama Jania has created protective lighting-proof Bolt Tent to shield your adventure from thunderstorms.

Boncho: Vanmoof unveils fully-body bike poncho

Boncho by Vanmoof

Bike riding is all fun and good unless it starts raining. Also, raincoats and ponchos available on the market don’t provide full protection as arms and legs of the riders remains exposed to the rain. Thus, to offer full body protection to bike riders in rain, Vanmoof, an Amsterdam-based Cycling company has designed a creative and stylish wearable tent. Named Boncho, this full-body bike poncho perfectly covers riders’ bodies from head to toe when riding in the rain.

Tentsile Flite combines comfort of swing bed with protective tent

Tentsile Flite Tree Tent

Although camping is a great option to unwind, but sleeping on uneven rocky ground surrounded by creepy-crawlies often turns people off to camping. Don’t worry, you can relax and catch up on your sleep in mid-air with floating tents by UK-based firm Tentsile. The company is renowned for combining comfort of swing beds with protective conventional tents, offering ultimate off-the-ground camping experience. However, this time they have unveiled their most portable and lightweight tree tent in form of Tentsile Flite.

Hyundai Tucson Adventuremobile with a roof-top tent to debut at 2015 SEMA

Hyundai Tucson Adventuremobile by John Pangilinan

Hyundai, South Korean automaker has joined hands with renowned Southern Californian tuner John Pangilinan to reveal the Adventuremobile concept vehicle. Based on the Tucson SUV, the vehicle perfect for the weekend getaway will make its debut at the upcoming 2015 SEMA show in Las Vegas. The 2016 Tucson SEMA crossover by John Pangilinan is ideal for a camping expedition and for adventurers who have an infatuation for the great outdoors.

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