Insane scrap metal art made from recycled car parts

Amazing sculptures by Scrap Metal Art Thailand

We here at MyCoolBin are fond of artists and designers who love to create their artwork using recycled materials and discarded items. In the past, we have featured numerous artists and their unique and innovative recycled artwork here. Well, the scrap metal art which we are showcasing today is surely the most incredible artwork that we have brought to you until now. Founded back in 2012, the Scrap Metal Art Thailand specializes in creating welded metal sculptures ranging in size from 1m to 8m high.

Medieval renditions of superheroes and supervillains by Samuel Lee

Medieval renditions of superheroes by Samuel Lee

For those who want to take cosplay to whole new level, have a look at these outstanding medieval renditions of superheroes and supervillains. These dramatic suits are created by cosplayer extraordinaire Samuel Lee, founder and leading construction artist for design studio Prince Armory. Since 2007, the studio has been handcrafting several armors for commercials, movies and top-tier cosplayers.