ST Dupont

ST Dupont is rocking this summer with Rolling Stones Collection

Rolling Stones Collection by ST Dupont

Merchandise of legendary British rock band Rolling Stones is not new to the world. But to raise more temperature this summer, French luxury house ST Dupont has recently unwrapped their hottest musical collection that pays homage to the iconic rock band. The limited edition Rolling Stones Collection offers only 1,962 copies- referring to the year when the iconic rockstars, Brian Jones, Ian Stewart, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Charlie Watts, came together to revolutionize rock music.

ST Dupont honors Humphrey Bogart to celebrate their 140th Anniversary

Paris designer brand ST Dupont is celebrating its 140th anniversary, and to commemorate the event they are honoring a very special customer of theirs, the legendary Hollywood actor Humphrey Bogart who is regarded as a cultural icon all over America.

The collection features Humphrey Bogart’s bag, lighter and pen which all comes in Limited edition and are inspired by a very special bespoke order, the actor made  in 1947. The pen and the lighter are wrapped in 18k yellow gold and features barley grains finish.