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Insane scrap metal art made from recycled car parts

Amazing sculptures by Scrap Metal Art Thailand

We here at MyCoolBin are fond of artists and designers who love to create their artwork using recycled materials and discarded items. In the past, we have featured numerous artists and their unique and innovative recycled artwork here. Well, the scrap metal art which we are showcasing today is surely the most incredible artwork that we have brought to you until now. Founded back in 2012, the Scrap Metal Art Thailand specializes in creating welded metal sculptures ranging in size from 1m to 8m high.

Fifty artists transformed junk metal into life-size supercars

Recycled Metal Supercars

If you love metal sculptures and also fond of recycling, then this post is for you. Today, we’re going to show you how junk metal can be converted into life-size supercars. The Gallery of Steel Figures (a museum in Prusków, Poland) allowed fifty artists from around the world to raid a local scrap yard. Together the creative artists had to create unusual metal sculptures for the museum. The result – they turned a huge pile of scrap metal into life-size supercars.

Parisian artist +Brauer creates robots by recycling industrial parts

Parisian artist +Brauer creates robots with industrial past

Paris-based graphic designer and artist, Bruno Lefevre-Brauer (a.k.a, +Brauer) gives second life to old mechanical parts by converting them into luminous robotic sculptures. He has created a series of 14 handmade robot sculptures, which are entirely created using recycled industrial parts. Instead of working on technological features, +Brauer’s artwork emphasis on authentic and primitive forms of the robots.

Artist creates Beautiful Chandeliers from recycled bike parts

Wandering through Bike shops and local junk yards for collecting old bike parts, LA based artist Carolina Fontoura Alzaga has been creating beautiful artwork using them since 2007.Drawing inspiration from Victorian era chandeliers, DIY and Bike Culture the artist has created a beautiful series of chandeliers known as ‘Connect’ made from scrap bicycle parts, cassettes, wheels and rims. It took about four to six weeks for the completion of these stunning pieces of artwork which includes collecting and sourcing of the material required.

Vietnamese Dark Knight: A Scrap-part Built Batpod replica

About a month ago a bike enthusiast Tung Lam from Vietnam posted a video on YouTube of himself riding his homemade prototype of a Batpod which he has named the “Vietnamese Dark Knight”. The video went viral and just after 10 days it received about 370,000 views in spite of the fact that the BatPod was still incomplete.

Now just after a month later after the first video was released, the young mechanic posted another video a few days back and it seems like the scrap part built Batpod bike is complete and fully functional.

Artist creates Stonehenge replica from scrap cars

Most of you must have heard of Stonehenge which is an iconic and a prehistoric monument and one of the world’s famous sites located in Wiltshire County, England.

However you might not have heard of Citihenge, have you? Let me tell you what it is. It is a Car Henge sculpture  created by artist Tommy Gun and it is the exact replica of Stonehenge. This project is commissioned by Czech auto maker Skoda for the promotion of their new Citigo car.