P-51: REC Watches unveils timepiece made from recycled Ford Mustangs

P-51 watches made from recycled Ford Mustang car parts

REC Watches, Denmark-based Company creates modern timepieces from salvaged iconic cars. Recycling classic and vintage iconic objects, the watch brand creates visibly unique timepieces, each of whom has its own story to tell. After unveiling a watch made from classic Mini salvaged parts last year, REC is back again with its latest mechanical watch made from recycled Ford Mustang car parts. Dubbed P-51, the watch made from recycled 1960s Mustangs is powered by an automatic mechanical engine and pays tribute to the American icon.

Artist Lin Shih-Pao builds F1 car from 25,000 discarded mobile phones

Lin Shih Pao builds car from recycled mobile phones

Lin Shih-Pao, a Taiwanese artist has built a life-size model of a Formula 1 race car from 25,000 recycled mobile phones. Intended to spread environmental awareness, it took the 53-year-old artist about four months to complete the unique project. It demonstrates how a pile of trash can be recycled and transformed into a piece of modern art. Lin Shih-Pao collected thousands of old and discarded mobile phones for the sculpture travelling for four years across the globe. The New York based artist spent more than $30,000 on the art car.

Ping Pong Table made from century old reclaimed railroad steel and timber

Ping Pong Table from Rail Yard Studios

Rail yard Studios is a Nashville-based custom furniture manufacturing company that creates unique and exciting products from century old reclaimed railroad steel and hardwood. Rail Yard Studios was founded by Robert Hendrick who is the brain behind most of the company’s creations. Click-Clack Table Tennis Table is latest offering of the studio which along with offering you and your family a fun gaming time also shares legacy and history of railroading.