Champagne Cuvée Roger Daltrey honors The Who’s 50th anniversary

Champagne Cuvée Roger Daltrey

We have shown you metal bands such as Metallica and Opeth come up with their own signature beer in the past. As these offering are nothing less than a souvenir to metal fans, it has become a popular trend among various rock bands and artists   to launch their own signature booze. Taking this trend forward, the latest rockstar to join this league is Roger Daltrey, founder and frontman of the legendary British rock band The Who. Daltrey is launching his own limited edition Champagne to honor band’s 50th anniversary.

Linkin Park customizes a Honda Civic Si Coupe and CBR250R motorcycle for Honda Civic Tour

Do you want to drive down the street like a rockstar? If you do, then here is your lucky chance. The 2012 Honda Civic Tour (HCT) which started yesterday is giving auto nerds and music lovers an opportunity to win a Honda Civic Si Coupe and CBR250R motorcycle customized and autographed by the famous rock band Linkin Park.

You can log on to the Honda Civic Tour website or you can personally visit any stop of the tour to register which will kick off on August 11 in Bristow, VA.