Ping Pong Table made from century old reclaimed railroad steel and timber

Ping Pong Table from Rail Yard Studios

Rail yard Studios is a Nashville-based custom furniture manufacturing company that creates unique and exciting products from century old reclaimed railroad steel and hardwood. Rail Yard Studios was founded by Robert Hendrick who is the brain behind most of the company’s creations. Click-Clack Table Tennis Table is latest offering of the studio which along with offering you and your family a fun gaming time also shares legacy and history of railroading.

Adidas running shoes created from recycled plastic ocean waste

Adidas shoe made from illegal fishing nets

There are number of organizations that have come up in recent times to create awareness about marine pollution. The latest to join the initiative is Adidas, German manufacturer of sports shoes, clothing and accessories. In an innovative attempt to support the initiative and recycle the ocean’s waste, the brand has created a pair of running shoes from recycled plastic ocean waste. The eco-friendly sneaker was created by Adidas in collaboration with Parley for the Oceans, an environmental organization dedicated to raise awareness for our oceans and to start projects that can end their destruction. The project was revealed last week by the two organizations at an event hosted by the United Nations in New York.

Animal Sculptures made from discarded house hold objects

I always wonder how the artists, painters and sculpturists are so creative and from where did they get their inspiration to create such wonderful and amazing artwork.We have showed some cool artwork from artists here also and today we are showing some beautiful sculptures from an artist from Japan named Sayaka Ganz. The artist who now lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana has created animal sculptures which are built from discarded and reclaimed house old objects.