Taxi Fabric project gives colorful makeover to Mumbai taxis

Taxi Fabric project gives colorful makeover to Mumbai taxis

The most convenient forms of transport in the crowded city of Mumbai, India are the local taxis and rickshaws. Over the time, Taxis have become an iconic piece of culture in the metropolitan city.  And these days, besides taking people to their destinations, Mumbai taxis are serving as a platform for a unique kind of initiative. Taxi Fabric, an artistic project started by a team of young local designers is giving an artistic makeover to the taxis’ interior in Mumbai. This project is about creating a space for designers to show off their ideas and talent through the medium of taxis.

Explosionism: Drew Lausman creates art with fireworks

Explosionism by Drew Lausman

Art can be expressed in infinite number of ways. Time and again, artists from around the globe and their unique ways of creating artwork have proved it. Here is one more artist who has given birth to a rather distinctive and new genre of art.  Called Explosionism, this cool form of modern art is created by Drew Lausman, a Lakeland, US-based artist which demands the use of fireworks to create various landscapes, planets, space-scapes and galaxies. This unusual process of making art involves dipping the firecrackers in paint and then blowing them against the canvass. Though, it sounds bizarre, but this is how Drew has crafted 200 paintings in four years.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens event opens in VivoCity, Singapore

Star Wars-The Force Awakens event at VivoCity, Singapore

The most awaited movie of the year, Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be hitting the big screen in two weeks time. With craze of the upcoming Star Wars flick running wild among the fans, a mega exhibition was launched to celebrate the movie at VivoCity, the largest shopping complex in Singapore. The atrium event will be running from 1st to 20th December 2015 at VivoCity where fans will see Singapore’s largest wall mural made of LEGO bricks. Besides that, a larger-than-life Stormtroopers installation will be displayed along with wide range of exclusive Star Wars merchandise and collectibles.

Turkey-based artist creates beautiful micro paintings

micro art by Mesut Kul

Where many artists focus on showcasing their artwork through huge paintings and drawings, Mesut Kul, a Turkey based artist seems to have taken the opposite approach. The creative artist is known for drawing micro paintings on variety of objects including tiny seeds and feathers. Besides that, he has displayed his artwork on butterfly wings, pocket watch, rice grain, cashew, noodles and even a hair which can be regarded as world’s smallest canvas.

Creative artist KATSU develops world’s first graffiti drone

KATSU is a well known graffiti artist, vandal and a hacker who gained popularity in late 1990s by filling the streets of New York with his skull tag painting and for his use of customized fire extinguishers as a graffiti tool. Now the New York graffiti artist is again in the lime light for his newly-developed spray-paint wielding quadcopter. Deemed to be the world’s first graffiti drone, the radio controlled device allows the artist to take his artwork to new heights. The Spraycopter graffiti drone provides the artist with power to spray canvases and walls hundreds of feet high, which was almost impossible before.