Feel homely anywhere with compact Airstream BaseCamp trailer


Airstream trailers are great mobile homes for outdoor adventurers, but they often require a full-size pickup for towing. But for those who drive any vehicle that’s less massive than a Chevy Suburban, the latest compact Airstream BaseCamp trailer is just perfect. Priced at $35,000, this small trailer weighs just over 2,500 pounds, and can easily be towed behind even small SUVs and crossovers.

Suunto unveils new traverse alpha watches for fishing and hunting

Suunto Traverse Alpha watches

Suunto, Finland-based Watch Company known to manufacture sports watches, Heart rate monitors and smart wearables for avid travelers has come up with their new product. The company has added two new traverse alpha watches to the Suunto traverse product family. Specifically developed for fishing and hunting, the two models combine rugged design with a dependent set of unique outdoor features. Dubbed Suunto Traverse Alpha Stealth and Alpha Foliage, these outdoor watches are among the very few that are designed exclusively for fishermen and hunters.

Lighting-proof Bolt Tent ensures safety during thunderstorms

Lighting-proof Bolt Tent by Kama Jania

Lighting strikes fear into the hearts of many people, and chances of being struck by thunderbolt increase when you’re outdoors. Although getting struck by lighting is not frequent, but deaths and injuries due to storm are very common. Mostly campers have to deal with such harsh weather conditions. But not anymore, as industrial designer Kama Jania has created protective lighting-proof Bolt Tent to shield your adventure from thunderstorms.

Snow Peak Sky Nest tent lets you enjoy great outdoors off the ground

Snow Peak Sky Nest Tent

Tents are not land-bound anymore, there are various off the ground suspended shelters that are taking camping to new heights. Now Japanese firm Snow Peak is also raising their tents up in the trees with latest Sky Nest. It is a suspended hammock-like tent for a comfortable sleep while floating in mid air. This outdoor refuge is certainly designed to offer a fresh new way to explore wilderness without leaving your comfy sack.

Cyclists can fully enjoy their trips with the Wide Path Camper

Wide Path Camper

Cyclists out on long trips are always worried about getting accommodations as they couldn’t carry all the necessary items with themselves. Well, Wide Path Camper, a Denmark-based company has a cool solution for all their camping needs. To improve the travelling experience of the cyclists, the company has designed a tiny trailer that can be towed by a bicycle. Referred as mobile tiny houses, the campers are designed to offer instant shelter from weather, dining space and a comfortable sleeping area.

Heat-reflecting Siesta 4 Tent goes live on Kickstarter

Siesta 4 Tent

Remember the sunlight and heat reflecting Siesta 4 Tent that we featured on MyCoolBin few months ago? Designed by Australian startup Outback Logic LLC, the world’s first heat & light blocking tent is now live on Kickstarter. What makes it stand out from conventional tents is its unique heat-reflecting fly fabric that blocks the suns rays from penetrating the tent.

Old CDs and vinyl records are used to revamp this deluxe caravan

Revamped caravan by Carwyn Lloyd Jones

You may have seen ample of caravans so far, but this shiny caravan is quite extraordinary. Built from a cheap trailer, the trailer is restored using thousands of old CDs and hundreds of broken vinyl records. Carwyn Lloyd Jones, Aberystwyth-based 42-year-old carpenter, has bought an old trailer from eBay for just £120 (approx. US $182) so that he could transform it into something astonishingly useful.

Siesta 4 Tent reflects sunlight and heat to keep interior cool even in summer

Siesta 4 Tent

Camping in a great outdoor location is always fun-filled and adventurous, but extreme heat in summer plays a spoilsport. After partying around a bonfire all night, you need proper sleep during daytime. But sunlight and heat in afternoon disturb the inhabitants and don’t let them enjoy a comfortable snooze.

Dom Pérignon RevHouse: A perfect hideaway close to the waves

Dom Pérignon RevHouse

Can’t get enough of panoramic views and relaxing environment near the open sea? Well, the Dom Pérignon RevHouse is a perfect summer retreat to enjoy luxury life close to the waves. It can accommodate up to 75 people, so you can enjoy a grand party while floating above pleasant water waves.
Created by Renowned champagne manufacturer Dom Pérignon in collaboration with Revhouse, German producer of exclusive houseboats, the exclusive houseboat is located in Berlin, Hamburg and Dusseldorf- sojourning lifetime experience to the occupants.

Doughnut and worm shaped glamping tents in Yang-Pyeong, South Korea

To the delight of campers out there, a lonesome campsite in Yang-Pyeong, South Korea has been developed with tents shaped like worms and doughnuts. ArchiWorkshop, a South Korea based studio is behind this unique project who designed the campsite with an aim to bring people close to the nature and also provide architectural experience and home like comfort to them.  Named Glamping for Glampers, the tents in the middle of nature comes with a modern design offering picturesque view of the valley, acres of forest and the flowing stream below.