Shannon Goff creates full-scale replica of 1979 Lincoln Continental out of cardboard

full-scale cardboard replica of the 1979 Lincoln Continental by Shannon Goff

Shannon Goff is an amazing sculptor from Detroit who creates beautiful artwork using clay or cardboard. Working with Sculpture, Ceramics and Drawing, some of her previous work includes a helicopter, a piano, a dashboard and few ceramic works exhibition. Now for her latest installation titled “Miles to Empty”, the artist has created a full-scale replica of her grandfather’s 1979 Lincoln Continental using cardboard only. The one-off sculpture will on display at Susanne Hilberry gallery until November 14th, 2015.

The Cheyenne Bike: GOC creates custom motorcycle with real tattoos

Cheyenne Bike by Game Over Cycles

You must have seen people with their bodies covered in tattoos, but have you ever seen a motorcycle covered in real tattoos? Well, if you haven’t, which is the most likely case here, we have got one such custom motorcycle for you. Game Over Cycles, Polish custom bike manufacturer have created a motorcycle that is inspired by the art of permanent body adornment. The Cheyenne Bike which is branded as The Recidivist is created by GOC in collaboration with Germany based Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment and Zodiac Performance Products for Harley-Davidson that supplied professional motorcycle parts for the construction process.

World’s most expensive Easter egg is studded with 1,000 diamonds

A £5million Easter egg! Yes you read it right. With the festival just a week away, the world’s most expensive Easter egg studded with more than 1,000 diamonds has been unveiled. Dubbed ‘Mirage’, the design of this one kind of gem is taken from Faberge egg and the Damien Hirst skull. At a staggering price of $8.4 million and with over 1,000 diamonds on the outer shell only, 100 of which are a unique cut with a worth about £1.5 million, the diamond studded Easter egg is obviously designed to lure the billionaires.