China to get world’s first man-made moon by 2020

China to launch world's first artificial moon

China is aiming towards a unique accomplishment in the field of space technology. Chinese space industry is planning to launch its own artificial moon to light up the night sky. Expected to launch in 2020, the world’s first man-made moon will replace street lights in urban areas and will save millions of dollars annually. The artificial moon basically will be an illumination satellite which will be put into orbit above Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province. Adorned with a reflective coating, the man-made moon will deflect sunlight back to Earth similarly to moon.

Audi teams up with Part-Time Scientists for mission to the moon

Audi join hands with Part-Time Scientists for lunar Quattro

In December 2007, Google Lunar XPRIZE (GLXP) challenge was announced which invited privately-funded spaceflight teams for a competition. The contest is to successfully launch a robotic spacecraft that can land on the surface of the Moon, travel at least 500 meters over the lunar surface and send specified images and data back to the Earth. Part-Time Scientists, a team of German engineers were the first to officially enter the competition back in 2009. In their quest for developing an unmanned rover for the moon mission, the team recently joined hands with German automobile manufacturer Audi.

Meteorite DAG 1058:Fourth largest piece of Moon up for auction

The fourth largest chunk of the Moon, which is worthy of most important natural history museums in the world can be yours as the meteorite piece Dar al Gani (DAG) 1058 is up for auction to the public.

Large slab shaped DaG 1058 has the single largest surface area to mass ratio of any of the largest lunar meteorites and as determined by the scientists it is a lunar highland breccia from the far side of the Moon.