Gangrene: Russian guy uses V8 Lexus engine to build custom motorcycle

Gangrene, custom motorcycle by Artem Boldyrev

Like many of you, we here at MyCoolBin also have a great affinity towards customs motorcycles. Over the years, we have shown you lots of stupendous custom motorcycles here on our website. Some of our favorites include Cheyenne Bike by Game Over Cycles and the carved wooden motorcycle by Dmitry Gubenko. Today also, we are bringing to you a custom motorcycle by a Russian motorcycle fanatic Artem Boldyrev. Christened ‘Gangrene’, the fallout-inspired rat bike boasts a Lexus V8 Engine which delivers massive 300 horsepower.

Lexus NX comes with a set of wheels carved from solid ice

Lexus NX Ice Wheels

Driving in snow is a tricky task, as poor tires cannot grip on icy road. But what if the car wheels are literally frozen? Well, Lexus NX actually comes fitted with crossover wheels that are made out of solid blocks of ice. Yes, you read that right. These glowing ice wheels not only hold the car up, but are fully-functional and the SUV would be able to drive on them.