Take music lessons from Guitar Rao for Re 1 per day

Guitar Rao teaches music for Re 1 per day

Just like the nation-wide Swachh Bharat Mission which was launched in 2014, we can soon witness a Sangeet Bharat campaign. Well, only if the efforts of a 58 year old Civil Engineer from Andhra Pradesh can convince Prime Minister, Narendra Modi for such a mission. Music teacher S V Rao, better known as Guitar Rao is behind this campaign who teaches guitar to his students for only Rupee 1 per day. A civil engineer turned guitar teacher, he roams from city to city and teach music to the willing people. Nowadays, you can find him in Delhi, teaching guitar, flute and keyboard at three locations every day.

Employees of Hyundai Motors India transform scrap pieces into works of art

Employees of Hyundai Motors transform scrap pieces into works of art

Usually, scrap pieces in the automotive industries end up in landfills, increasing heaps of waste. But employees at Hyundai Motors India have taken an initiative to transform unused auto parts or other scrap pieces into stunning metal sculptures. They collect unused wires, nuts, and screws to turn them into beautiful artifacts that are likely to add an industrial touch to any home or office interior.

Hawai Adda: India’s first airplane restaurant opens in Ludhiana, Punjab

Hawai Adda-India’s first airplane restaurant

If this Valentine’s Day, taking out your better half to a regular restaurant sounds boring to you, we have something that might take your romantic day to another height. We are talking about ‘Hawai Adda’ (Airport in English), an airplane-themed restaurant which recently opened its doors to public in Ludhiana, largest city in the state of Punjab, Northern India. Created by four Ludhiana-based entrepreneurs who happen to be cousins, the India’s first airplane restaurant is already a hit within a month of its launch.

Indian PM launches country’s first solar-powered e-boats in Varanasi


Increasing pollution levels is one of the major causes for global warming all over the world. While most countries have been trying for years to resolve the issue by opting various eco-friendly measures, India still lags when it comes to pollution. However, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has initiated the Clean India Campaign to reduce pollution and its ill-effects. Now another brilliant environmentally-friendly measure taken by the Indian Prime Minister is the launch of country’s first solar-powered e-boats in Varanasi.

10 coolest offices in the world will make you green with envy

10 coolest offices in the world

Hate Monday morning blues? Well, we understand no one likes to go back to boring office environment, where you have to sit inside a dull-looking cubicle for hours. While most office employees are facing the same situation, there are few offices from across the world that pay more attention to their staff and work environment. These coolest offices not only boast unique architecture and interior design, but also take proper care of their employees to get the best out of them. Have a look at the following ten most impressive offices in the world that will make you green with envy.

Taxi Fabric project gives colorful makeover to Mumbai taxis

Taxi Fabric project gives colorful makeover to Mumbai taxis

The most convenient forms of transport in the crowded city of Mumbai, India are the local taxis and rickshaws. Over the time, Taxis have become an iconic piece of culture in the metropolitan city.  And these days, besides taking people to their destinations, Mumbai taxis are serving as a platform for a unique kind of initiative. Taxi Fabric, an artistic project started by a team of young local designers is giving an artistic makeover to the taxis’ interior in Mumbai. This project is about creating a space for designers to show off their ideas and talent through the medium of taxis.

Royal Enfield Himalayan adventure tourer is finally here

Royal Enfield Himalayan

All Royal Enfield lovers who have been eagerly waiting for the Himalayan adventure tourer motorcycle, the wait is almost over. Royal Enfield is expected to officially launch the much anticipated tourer bike on February 2, 2016 in Delhi. Designed to conquer any trail, the Royal Enfield Himalayan is an ideal motorcycle for travelling in the high Himalayas. According to Sidhartha Lal, CEO of Royal Enfield, the idea of the Royal Enfield Himalayan has been 60 years in the making. However, it was back in 2010 during his first long ride in the Himalayas where the idea got stronger. Along with his friends, he realized that the best motorcycle for the Himalayas is not one that tries to dominate its landscape, but one that is able to go with its flow.

Gerry Judah builds sculpture for Mazda at 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed

Mazda themed sculpture at the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed

Gerry Judah, well-known British artist and designer who has been creating car-themed structure for the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed for a long time now have unveiled his latest installation. Celebrating Mazda Motor Corporation’s unique motorsport heritage, Gerry’s sculpture at the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed portrays a strong fusion of sculptural innovation and engineering precision.
The monumental structure rises 40 meters with two Mazda cars driving into the sky on a spectacular slipstream of muscular twisted steel racing track. The two vehicles adorning the top of the sculpture are a rotary-engined Le Mans winner Mazda 787B and the LM55 Vision Gran Turismo concept. One of the most complex and sophisticated centerpieces built by the artist till date, the sculpture is made by using 720 steel beams of varying length which are stacked in a perfect way.

Wearable technology: Micromax unveils YuFit fitness band for just $15 in India

YuFit fitness band

Micromax, Gurgaon-based consumer electronics company is entering the wearable tech market with its YuFit fitness band. Developed by Yu, the new age technology sub- brand of Micromax, the Yu fit band is priced at just INR 999 (about $15). Scheduled to go on sale next month, the YuFit fitness band is all set to give hard competition to Xiaomi Mi Band which was launched in India recently.

Soon a Rs 15 crore Hot Rod by Hradyesh will be running on Indian roads

Hradyesh, India’s one and only Hot Rod, Street Rod, Muscle Car and custom car manufacturer just completed their first year on June 30, 2012. Exactly one year ago the First Street Rod of India “Morris Street” was launched by the organization which has started the global trend of hot rods & Custom cars in India.

The exclusive handcrafted hot rods and custom cars made by Hradyesh has become a well established status symbol among the high class and also grabbing lots of attention across the globe. The cars are built entirely from scratch according to the client’s vision and requirements.