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World’s most expensive fidget spinner will set you back £13,000

world's most expensive fidget spinner by Caviar

The fidget spinner trend has grown by leaps and bounds in the year 2017. Although, questions still looming over its invention, the toy sensation is a must have for kids these days. The toy marketed to help with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and work as a tool to promote concentration among children with autism spectrum disorders also accounts to its popularity among the masses. However, for the elite class, the basic fidget spinner is not glamorous enough which is why we have a gold-plated version of the toy for them.

HP Spectre 13.3 in gold-plated & diamond-encrusted versions

HP Spectre 13.3 in gold-plated & diamond-encrusted versions

Recently at New York Times International Luxury Conference in Versailles, HP has unveiled the impossibly slim HP Spectre 13.3 laptop. According to the company, it is the world’s thinnest laptop measuring just 10.4mm thick (that’s even thinner than the Apple MacBook Air). The sleekest laptop features CNC machined aluminum chassis, giving it an impeccable aesthetic appeal. Although the laptop already look stylish, but what makes it even more interesting is that it’s also available in limited edition gold-plated and diamond-encrusted versions.

Foil Skis launches $50,000 gold-plated skis

$50,000 gold-plated skis by Foil Skis

Foil Skis, Italy-based manufacturer of skis and ski-related accessories recently launched their 2015-2016 Winter Ski Collection. Although, all the four models unveiled are exclusive, the highlight of collection is the $50,000 gold-plated skis. Named Oro-Nero, the special edition skis is the ultimate representation of Foil’s belief in “No Limits”. This gold-plated sporting gear is made from 8000-year-old certified Bog Oak combined with 14 karat gold plated bindings, poles and inlays.

LG adorns limited edition Watch Urbane Luxe with 23-karat gold

LG Urbane Luxe Smartwatch

Got enough money that you need to burn? Then, the LG’s new luxury smartwatch is indeed the perfect timepiece for you. In collaboration with Reeds Jewelers, LG has given an opulent makeover to the previous version Watch Urbane, which was launched this year in February. The latest version dubbed Watch Urbane Luxe is dressed up in 23-karat gold along with a luxurious watch band made from alligator leather.

Sphericam 2: A perfect 4K 360-degree video camera for VR

Sphericam 2 by Jeffrey Martin

Most cinematic VR creations till date have not been able to reach the level where they seem more real and less virtual. Well, looks like the wait is over as a spherical, 360º camera that can capture absolutely everything around you in high resolution without any blind spots has been successfully funded on Kickstarter. Dubbed Sphericam 2, the 4K 360-degree video camera allows the user to watch videos on a VR Headset such as the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard. One can also enjoy the streaming on his/her iPad, tablet, PC or smartphone.

Porsche Design solid gold limited edition fountain pen will set you back $27,000

P’3135 solid gold limited edition fountain pen by Porsche Design

Germany based Porsche Design have unveiled their new limited edition fountain pen which is priced at whopping $27,000. The P’3135 solid gold limited edition fountain pen is advertised as one of the most exclusive writing tools for pen aficionados by the German studio. Crafted from a single piece of solid 14-carat gold, this beautiful writing instrument comes with 18-/750 carat gold nib that highlights the pen’s aesthetic and elegance.

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