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7 coolest Batmobiles that are worth more than batting an eye

7 coolest Batmobiles

Batman has always been the most favorite superhero of all generations since 1939 – the same year when Batmobile was also born. Although it was just a convertible red car back then, but over the years Batman’s car has undergone some major transformations from authentic high-speed version to custom fan-designed Batmobile. We’ve seen a slew of Batman-inspired vehicles – whether cars or motorcycles. But here are some of our all time favorite Batmobiles that any Dark Knight fan will be drooling to have.

The Cheyenne Bike: GOC creates custom motorcycle with real tattoos

Cheyenne Bike by Game Over Cycles

You must have seen people with their bodies covered in tattoos, but have you ever seen a motorcycle covered in real tattoos? Well, if you haven’t, which is the most likely case here, we have got one such custom motorcycle for you. Game Over Cycles, Polish custom bike manufacturer have created a motorcycle that is inspired by the art of permanent body adornment. The Cheyenne Bike which is branded as The Recidivist is created by GOC in collaboration with Germany based Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment and Zodiac Performance Products for Harley-Davidson that supplied professional motorcycle parts for the construction process.