Kailash: Suunto unveils smartwatch for avid travelers

Suunto Kailash smartwatch

If you are an avid traveler and love to explore different places, we have a smartwatch that‘ll appeal to the adventurer in you. Suunto, Finland-based watch company has unveiled its first premium smartwatch designed specifically for travelers who want to keep track of their adventures. Christened Kailash, the timepiece will come with a companion iPhone app called the “7R”. Both the name of watch and its app has their own significance: Kailash is a holy Tibetan peak that has never been climbed while 7R is short for DRD4-7R, a gene associated with the hunger to explore (also known as adventure gene).

80 meter underground pop-down restaurant

Bored of going to that same old restaurant across the street? For a change you can dine in a 262 feet underground pop-down restaurant deep down in the belly of the earth.

Muru restaurant in Finland which was named Restaurant of the Year 2012 is hosting a unique dining experience where the diners will be taken to a make shift dining restaurant in Tytyri limestone mine 262 feet deep. This event will take place for just a fortnight between September 10 and 24.