Intricate paper sculptures express movements of Olympic athletes

Raya Sader Bujana Olympic-Themed Paper Sculptures

To promote upcoming Summer Olympics, Barcelona-based Raya Sader Bujana has created intricate paper sculptures that express recognizable movements or poses from different Olympic sports. These stunning paper figurines are designed in collaboration with photographer Leo Garcia Mendez for an Olympic-themed stock photography shoot, paying tribute to athletes.

Artist James Rice turns spare spoons into intricate motorcycles

James Rice Spoon Motorcycles_10

People often have lot of spoons in their house, some are used daily but rest of them keep lying in drawers or cabinets unattended for years. American artist James Rice reshapes such unused spoons into intricate motorcycles, which have brought his art a lot of attention from the internet. His latest creation is the award-winning Bagger motorcycle that’s completely handmade out of stainless steel, just like his other automotive creations.

Believe it or not, these bug sculptures are made out of scrap metal

Welded Bug Sculptures by John Brown

While most of us consider scrap metals useless and throw these objects in trash, Wales-based sculptor John Brown brilliantly transforms these unused materials into intricate bird and bug sculptures. At first glance, you can’t figure out that these are actually made out of spare pieces of metal. However with salvaged materials like nails and bicycle chains, the artistic sculptor has managed to create highly-detailed anatomy of beautiful and delicate creatures.

Explosionism: Drew Lausman creates art with fireworks

Explosionism by Drew Lausman

Art can be expressed in infinite number of ways. Time and again, artists from around the globe and their unique ways of creating artwork have proved it. Here is one more artist who has given birth to a rather distinctive and new genre of art.  Called Explosionism, this cool form of modern art is created by Drew Lausman, a Lakeland, US-based artist which demands the use of fireworks to create various landscapes, planets, space-scapes and galaxies. This unusual process of making art involves dipping the firecrackers in paint and then blowing them against the canvass. Though, it sounds bizarre, but this is how Drew has crafted 200 paintings in four years.

Artist creates Beautiful Chandeliers from recycled bike parts

Wandering through Bike shops and local junk yards for collecting old bike parts, LA based artist Carolina Fontoura Alzaga has been creating beautiful artwork using them since 2007.Drawing inspiration from Victorian era chandeliers, DIY and Bike Culture the artist has created a beautiful series of chandeliers known as ‘Connect’ made from scrap bicycle parts, cassettes, wheels and rims. It took about four to six weeks for the completion of these stunning pieces of artwork which includes collecting and sourcing of the material required.

Artist Camryn Forrest designs intricate Steampunk themed Snow Globes

There are lots of innovative artists out there who don’t hesitate to innovate and create something new and unique. One such artist is Camryn Forrest who has combined two of marvelous things the Steampunk genre and the Snow Globes and created amazing and one of kind artistic sculptures.

It takes about 6-8 hours to create each sculpture  and the artist has used different types of materials such as metals, jewelry pieces, clocks, leather, wire,  watches, toys, clay, wood  and also some recycled objects.