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Choosing the Best Drills for your home improvements

Home drills

The power drill is very popular among many households since it has many uses for different projects. You should always be aware of the drills specifications for the tasks you are performing. They can be obtained in many different sizes for any need you require. The size will be determined by the size of the shank that goes into the chuck. For more power, you will need a larger drill. Power drills can be available as corded drills and cordless rechargeable drills. What you choose will depend on how you plan to use it.

Rustic chic DIY cigar box guitar produces smoky sound

DIY cigar box guitar

Over the years, we’ve seen that musical instruments specially guitars are not limited to a specific shape or material. From skateboard decks to cigar boxes, there are numerous salvaged materials that can be used to create these rocking beasts. This time we came across another gorgeous guitar that’s handmade out of nothing but an old cigar box, giving it a rustic chic appeal.

Shovelman plays rock tunes out of barn shovel turned guitar

Shovelman DIY Musician

While going through the Guitar World Magazine, instead of already popular rock bands what intrigued me the most was one unique DIY musician known as Shovelman. But why is a musician linked with a tool (shovel) that’s used for digging and moving bulk materials? This tool is not at all related with music, so what’s the reason behind this weird name? All these questions struck my mind, so I researched and gathered some information about this strange man.