Choosing the Best Drills for your home improvements

Home drills

The power drill is very popular among many households since it has many uses for different projects. You should always be aware of the drills specifications for the tasks you are performing. They can be obtained in many different sizes for any need you require. The size will be determined by the size of the shank that goes into the chuck. For more power, you will need a larger drill. Power drills can be available as corded drills and cordless rechargeable drills. What you choose will depend on how you plan to use it.

Man quits job to convert old van into solar-powered mobile home

Zack Both’s mobile home

Former filmmaker, 23-year-old Zach Both quit his job after months of daydreaming about a nomadic lifestyle. To pursue his dream, Zach has converted an old van into a cozy solar-powered mobile home. He bought the 2003 Chevy Express van for $4000 on Craigslist in August 2014, and spent total $15,000 to convert it into his dream caravan, which is installed with solar panels for off-grid living.

Crazy inventor Colin Furze takes flight on homemade hoverboard

Homemade hoverboard by Colin Furze-2

Consider them self-balancing scooter-boards or a device waiting for explosion, nevertheless hoverboards have become the hottest two-wheelers all around the world. But taking hoverbikes to whole new level, crazy British inventor Colin Furze has created the world’s first homemade hoverboard that seems to be a cool alternative to Aero-X. Although Furze is no strange to unusual DIY creations, but this extraordinary hoverboard is the best so far.

James Hobson demonstrates homemade exoskeleton by lifting a Mini Cooper

Homemade exoskeleton by James Hobson

James Hobson, a Kitchener, Ontario-based inventor has built an exoskeleton and demonstrated its strength by lifting a Mini Cooper almost a foot off the ground. Inspired by Iron Man, the homemade exoskeleton lifted the Mini Cooper weighing 2,524 lbs in front of a German TV crew. The video posted on his YouTube channel The Hacksmith impressively showcases how the suit’s pneumatic legs use a set of pistons to lift the weight of the car. The legs of the exoskeleton are rated for about 700 kilograms, although lifting Mini Cooper’s rear wheels was just 360 kilograms.

19-year-old Austin Haughwout is back with a flamethrower drone

flamethrowing drone by Austin Haughwout

Drones and fun and in recent times have become a great source of entertainment. Especially for teenagers with a creative mind, they can be used to do something cool and bizarre. One such innovative guy is Austin Haughwout, a 19-year-old teen from Connecticut who after posting a video of a homemade drone firing a handgun few months back took the internet world by storm. Well, the teenager is back once again and this time he has gone further ahead in terms of craziness with his latest drone experiment.

Rustic chic DIY cigar box guitar produces smoky sound

DIY cigar box guitar

Over the years, we’ve seen that musical instruments specially guitars are not limited to a specific shape or material. From skateboard decks to cigar boxes, there are numerous salvaged materials that can be used to create these rocking beasts. This time we came across another gorgeous guitar that’s handmade out of nothing but an old cigar box, giving it a rustic chic appeal.

Shovelman plays rock tunes out of barn shovel turned guitar

Shovelman DIY Musician

While going through the Guitar World Magazine, instead of already popular rock bands what intrigued me the most was one unique DIY musician known as Shovelman. But why is a musician linked with a tool (shovel) that’s used for digging and moving bulk materials? This tool is not at all related with music, so what’s the reason behind this weird name? All these questions struck my mind, so I researched and gathered some information about this strange man.

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