Highlights from bizarrely brilliant world of Burning Man 2016

Burning Man festival 2016

Burning Man is the biggest and most bizarre week-long art and music festival in the world. This annual gathering takes place in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. Every year various artists and enthusiasts from across the globe gather at Black Rock City to create a beautiful and imaginative community, which is removed after the event, leaving no trace. This year’s festival lasted from August 28th until September 5th. Have a look at some of the major highlights from Burning Man 2016.

10 coolest offices in the world will make you green with envy

10 coolest offices in the world

Hate Monday morning blues? Well, we understand no one likes to go back to boring office environment, where you have to sit inside a dull-looking cubicle for hours. While most office employees are facing the same situation, there are few offices from across the world that pay more attention to their staff and work environment. These coolest offices not only boast unique architecture and interior design, but also take proper care of their employees to get the best out of them. Have a look at the following ten most impressive offices in the world that will make you green with envy.

Artist Jeff Klarin gives unusual makeover to outdated tech gadgets

Future Fossils by Jeff Klarin

Technology is growing by leaps and bounds with hi-tech gadgets and services being launched every day. Last week, as we were busy with CES 2016 where hundreds of new products were launched, I was struck with a strange thought that how quickly new technology is changing our lifestyle. Also, how our latest acquired gadgets goes out of fashion in just couple of months. Well, to keep us reminiscent with this fact, Artist Jeff Klarin has created a distinctive collection of sculptures that includes outdated tech gadgets which were loved and used by people in the past.

Intricate paper Singapore Airlines plane by Luca Iaconi-Stewart [Video]

Luca Iaconi-Stewart Singapore Airline Paper Model

In childhood, you must have created numerous paper planes, but none of those could ever beat this highly-detailed paper model of Singapore Airlines airplane. American designer Luca Iaconi-Stewart has brilliantly managed to create paper Singapore Airlines A380 Model Plane that’s made entirely from manila folders. This project took over 3,000 hand-cut pieces from 100 manila envelopes, 1,000 hours to complete, and the seats are at a scale of 1:20. The resulting masterpiece is indeed the coolest paper-crafted airplane you’ll ever see.

Eddie Liu envisions DC Superheroes in their old age

Aging DC Superheroes by Eddie Liu

What comes to your mind when you think about your favorite superhero? Obviously, you start imagining a young powerful person with fit and strong physique. This is how we all have grown up thinking that our DC Heroes are just perfect, without even a minor flaw. But nobody can escape aging, not even superheroes. That’s what Shanghai-based illustrator Eddie Liu has shown the world in his latest portraits.

Unseen Art: 3D printed classic paintings that blind can touch and feel

Unseen Art by Marc Dillon

One of the first rules of museums is that ‘you can look but you can’t touch,’ the priceless works of art. But what about the blind and visually impaired community who couldn’t experience creative brushstrokes on canvases? The Unseen Art Project is a creative initiative by Helsinki-based designer Marc Dillon to let the blind people experience the classic artwork that most of us with vision might overlook.

Incredibly detailed life-like origami creations by Gonzalo Calvo

Life-like origami creations by Gonzalo Calvo

The best part about Japanese origami art is that you can create any admirable life-like object without even spending cash on it. You need nothing more than paper and regular glue to shape your creativity in form of distinct objects found near you. But Madrid-based origami enthusiast Gonzalo García Calvo has taken this art to next level by creating incredibly detailed origami illustrations from musical instruments to intense wild animals.

Bergdorf Goodman & Swarovski sparkle up Brilliant Holiday Windows

Bergdorf Goodman & Swarovski Brilliant Window Display 2015

Holiday season is swinging upon us and various retailers create artistic window displays to set their brand apart from the pack. To sparkle up the holiday season this year, New York’s popular retailer Bergdorf Goodman, renowned for its stunning window displays, has collaborated with Swarovski to showcase gorgeous crystal-studded Brilliant Holiday Windows 2015.

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