China to get world’s first man-made moon by 2020

China to launch world's first artificial moon

China is aiming towards a unique accomplishment in the field of space technology. Chinese space industry is planning to launch its own artificial moon to light up the night sky. Expected to launch in 2020, the world’s first man-made moon will replace street lights in urban areas and will save millions of dollars annually. The artificial moon basically will be an illumination satellite which will be put into orbit above Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province. Adorned with a reflective coating, the man-made moon will deflect sunlight back to Earth similarly to moon.

FAST: World’s largest radio telescope is the size of 30 football fields

FAST world's largest radio telescope completed in China

The world’s largest radio telescope is finally complete and ready to explore the infinite depths of our universe and find extraterrestrial civilizations. Christened Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope or FAST, the telescope is situated in Pingtang County, Guizhou Province, China. The construction was completed on July 3, 2016 with the installation of a final triangular panel to the reflector. All set to commence operations in September, the world’s largest radio telescope is the size of 30 football fields and is equipped with 4,450 panels. With its completion, scientists are ready to start debugging and trial observation of the $180m (£135m) FAST telescope.

Phantom 4: DJI unveils obstacles avoiding and human tracking drone

Phantom 4 drone by DJI

DJI, world leading drone manufacturer has taken the wraps off their latest model. The Chinese technology company released the last version of their famous DJI Phantom drone platforms at a press event yesterday. Loaded with advanced features, the Phantom 4 drone is designed to be more user-friendly and can actually avoids obstacles. It is available exclusively for preorder through DJI’s website and now ( starting March 1).

Sculptor Dengding Rui Yao unveils world’s largest redwood sculpture in China

world's largest redwood sculpture by Dengding Rui Yao

One major source of unusual and offbeat stories for us has been the land of China. From 12-meter tall Bumblebee to a wooden electric car, once in a while, China offers us a cool and entertaining story that we have to share it with you. Today also, we are bringing you an interesting story. The Fortune Plaza Times Square in Wuhan, Hubei Province has become the center stage these days as the world’s largest redwood sculpture has been installed there. Created by Dengding Rui Yao, a well-known sculptor, the huge lion sculpture is carved from a single redwood tree trunk.

Range Rover completes world’s first paper bridge crossing in China

Range Rover completes world’s first paper bridge crossing

Land Rover has pulled off a very cool publicity stunt to celebrate 45th anniversary of the original luxury SUV. A jaw dropping act was demonstrated in China which saw a Range Rover SUV being driven over a bridge made entirely out of paper. The two ton SUV crossed the bridge which spans five meters and was 3.4 meters high. Introduced back in 1970, Range Rover was the world’s first luxury SUV, the first winner of Paris Dakar Rally and the first off-roader to get either traction control or ABS. Now, completing the world’s first paper bridge crossing, Range Rover has once again made into the record books.

Ninebot Mini: Xiaomi unveils mini version of Segway for $315

Segway Ninebot Mini

Xiaomi have become quite famous among the masses with its low-priced tech products packed with high features in a very little time. Now, it looks like the Beijing-based electronics company is going to reach new heights of stardom as it has unveiled a mini version of the Segway for an affordable price of $315. Dubbed Ninebot Mini, the self-balancing scooter has been developed by Ninebot, Chinese transportation robotics startup that acquired its American rival Segway earlier this year. Xiaomi is a major investor in Ninebot and the new self-balancing scooter is the first product that the companies have developed together.

A Life Sized Transformer robot by a Chinese guy

A man from Jinan, China has created his own unique version of a Transformer robot, and it is something we have never seen before. This Life Sized Transformer robot transforms into a functional car just by pressing a button.

After watching the first Transformers movie 4 years ago, the guy decided to make his own transformer robot and after spending US$11,000 and six months of work led to the completion of this life sized robot.