Arcade1Up unveils Marvel Super Heroes arcade cabinet

Marvel Super Heroes arcade cabinet by Arcade1Up

Arcade1Up, home arcade cabinets manufacturer has come up with their latest offering designed specifically for Marvel entertainment fans. Arcade1Up has joined hands with Marvel and Japanese video game company Capcom to create limited edition Marvel Super Heroes arcade cabinet. The retro and colorful cabinet is made to commemorate Marvel’s 80th Anniversary and take their fans back to the 90’s era.

Relive your childhood fantasy with Capcom’s life-size Mega Man helmet

Mega Man Helmet by Capcom

The avid video game lovers not only would have played the iconic Mega Man game once in their life, but also secretly desire for the merchandise of this historic game. Well your dream is about to become a reality, as video game company Capcom has come up with the official life-size Mega Man Helmet.
The wearable iconic replica of Bomber’s helmet is made from high quality ABS plastic, along with highly polished finishing. Two pinkglowing LEDs on either side are embedded into the helmet, so you can easily get into the character like the protagonist.