Camping Tent

Tentsile Flite combines comfort of swing bed with protective tent

Tentsile Flite Tree Tent

Although camping is a great option to unwind, but sleeping on uneven rocky ground surrounded by creepy-crawlies often turns people off to camping. Don’t worry, you can relax and catch up on your sleep in mid-air with floating tents by UK-based firm Tentsile. The company is renowned for combining comfort of swing beds with protective conventional tents, offering ultimate off-the-ground camping experience. However, this time they have unveiled their most portable and lightweight tree tent in form of Tentsile Flite.

Heat-reflecting Siesta 4 Tent goes live on Kickstarter

Siesta 4 Tent

Remember the sunlight and heat reflecting Siesta 4 Tent that we featured on MyCoolBin few months ago? Designed by Australian startup Outback Logic LLC, the world’s first heat & light blocking tent is now live on Kickstarter. What makes it stand out from conventional tents is its unique heat-reflecting fly fabric that blocks the suns rays from penetrating the tent.

Siesta 4 Tent reflects sunlight and heat to keep interior cool even in summer

Siesta 4 Tent

Camping in a great outdoor location is always fun-filled and adventurous, but extreme heat in summer plays a spoilsport. After partying around a bonfire all night, you need proper sleep during daytime. But sunlight and heat in afternoon disturb the inhabitants and don’t let them enjoy a comfortable snooze.