Drivable Lego Bugatti Chiron is the best Lego creation ever

Bugatti Chiron from LEGO

We have seen lots of cool and incredible things made from Lego bricks in the past by artists, brands and individuals. However for a change, LEGO, the Danish Toy Company itself has taken matter into their hands and created a masterpiece which is absolutely out of this world. The renowned toy company has created a life-size drivable replica of Bugatti Chiron built from more than million LEGO bricks. The drivable replica of the world’s fastest car is one of the most complex and astonishing objects ever crafted from Lego bricks.

Would you shell out $10,000 on 1:4 scale Bugatti Chiron engine?


In the luxury automotive world, there are a few things that would cost you a fortune and won’t serve any purpose. Another non-functional addition is this1:4 scale Bugatti Chiron engine replica, which is an object art. For this model, Amalgam collaborated closely with Bugatti to recreate the supercar maker’s 1,500 HP 8L 16-cylinder W engine that seems as if pulled out from a real Bugatti supercar.

Bugatti unveils luxury furniture collection at Salone del Mobile 2016

Buggati home collection at 2016 Milan Furniture Fair

Bugatti, French car manufacturer of high-performance automobiles recently unveiled its new home collection at the 2016 Milan Furniture Fair. The collection has drawn inspiration from Bugatti Chiron, the most powerful and fastest production super sports car in the world. Manufactured by high-end furniture makers Luxury Living Group, the Bugatti home collection is an exclusive range of luxury home and executive furniture. Just like brands cars, the frames of the furniture collection are crafted from carbon fiber. Also, high quality glass, steel and leather as found in Chiron’s cabin is used to embellish the luxury pieces.

BUGATTI Individual Collection for your Kitchen

Here is something that will surely add much more luxury and elegance to your kitchen. Famous Auto brand Bugatti has unveiled a range of kitchen appliances that draws inspiration from different and unique ways of living a person chooses and that’s why the series is named Bugatti Individual collection.

Every range of kitchen appliances include a pot, kettle, toaster, coffee maker and a blender but the Italian artists have given each series unique variations by the using different types of materials like Swarovski, Denim and leather.

Fake replica of Bugatti Type 51 is expected to fetch £100,000

Want to own a £2million worth Bugatti Type 51 Race Car but really can’t afford it. Here’s your another option, a fake replica of the car built by a London based engineer Keith Butti in 1980s which is up for auction and is expected to fetch about £100,000.

The car belonged to Alan Riley who died in 2010, which was left to rot in a garage for more than nine years with lots of rubbish before it was discovered by the Brightwells auction house.