Bluetooth speaker

Soundesk coffee table comes with built-in Bluetooth speaker

Soundesk by CoolGeek

CoolGeek, an innovative industrial designer’s team from Denmark has come up with a modern hi-tech coffee table. Dubbed Soundesk, the stylish table is a perfect combination of modern furniture and technology. Soundesk is a round glass coffee table with a conical base that packs a built-in Bluetooth speaker to offer 360-degree surround sound. Soundesk’s minimalist design with finely crafted metal base and beautiful glass table surface is ideal for small living spaces.

Rocks that rock! Self-powered Solar Stone and Keystone speakers

Self-powered Solar Stone and Keystone speakers

Ready to rock? These stone-shaped Solar Stone and Keystone speakers by ION Audio are really going to add more fun and obviously music to your outdoor parties. What’s best about these musical pieces of rock is: both are installed with solar panels and always ready to go. According to the company, the speakers are self-powered with onboard amplification and don’t need expensive hard-wiring to back the system. So, no more plugging in the unit to recharge the battery- just enjoy the music anywhere, anytime.

2-in-1 Bluetooth speaker-headphones hybrid by Nuvu Soundforms

SoundForms NV100

Audiophiles often keep looking for high-quality headphones and portable wireless stereo speakers for constantly enjoying their favorite music at home or on-the-go. But what if you get the best of both in one convenient device? Seems like a dream come true, right? Well, Nuvu Soundforms, Manhattan-based manufacturer and distributor of multifunctional consumer electronics has listened to your silent wish and fulfilled it in form of its revolutionary 2-in-1 Bluetooth speaker-headphones hybrid called SoundForms NV100.