Royal Enfield Classic 500 scale model launched for INR 1200

Royal Enfield Classic 500 Scale Model by Maisto

In the past few years, Royal Enfield motorcycles have become the favorite choice of young generation in India. Especially, the new classic models based on Royal Enfield’s G Model manufactured back in the 1940s have lured the young hearts with their vintage look. The stylish design along with reliability adds to the market value of RE motorcycles. However, the new design and growing demand have increased the prices to new heights as well. So, if you are a big fan of these big machines but can’t afford one, we have a smaller and cheaper version of RE classic motorcycle for you. Yes, a 1:12 scale model of the Royal Enfield Classic 500.

EarthRoamer unveils the all new 2017 XV-LTS mobile home

EarthRoamer 2017 XV-LTS

EarthRoamer, Colorado-based manufacturer of XVs or Xpedition Vehicles have released their all new 2017 XV-LTS. To the delight of luxury campers and overland travelers, this latest energy efficient and solar powered luxury home from EarthRoamer comes with major upgrades and new features. Built on a fully redesigned Ford F-550, this latest variant of their best-selling XV-LT line boasts whole new upgrades from both Ford and EarthRoamer.

Mercedes unveils AMG GT Bobby-car for kids at Paris Auto Show

Mercedes AMG GT Bobby-car at 2016 Paris Auto Show

Mercedes-Benz, German manufacturer of luxury cars has unveiled a single seat sports car for toddlers at the ongoing 2016 Paris Auto Show. Just like the McLaren’s all-electric P1 supercar which we showed you few days back, the Mercedes AMG GT Bobby-car is specifically designed for your young ones. The cute looking mini Bobby cars are meant for kids 18 months and up and will be available in two luxury variants.

Julia The Woodroadster: A fully-functional wooden car by Peter Szabo

Julia The Woodroadster by Peter Szabo

We love wooden vehicles here and are always delighted to feature them whenever we get a chance. Few days back we showed you the Toyota Setsuna concept vehicle crafted from Japanese wood. Today also, we are bringing you a wooden car that’s fully functional and is built by a Romanian auto enthusiast. Named Julia The Woodroadster, the wooden car is built by Peter Szabo, from Corunca, Romania. This art car was first unveiled at Frankfurt Auto Show back in September 2015.

Carwow turns 8 luxury sports cars into famous Star Wars characters

Carwow turns 8 luxury sports cars into famous Star Wars characters

With each passing day fanatics are eagerly waiting for the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that various designers are coming up with cool sci-fi creations related to the franchise. From Stormtrooper helmets and Star Wars laptop to Star Wars-themed Shoes, we’ve see numerous objects akin to the franchise. But have you ever wondered what the real-life automobiles of various Star Wars characters would look like?

Carvana’s car vending machine dispenses vehicle like a soda can

Carvana car vending machine

To be honest, purchasing a car is the most tedious and complicated task. No one likes to go through the complex procedure of filling out paperwork and squabble with retailers for a perfect deal. What if buying a car could be as simple as picking up a soda can from vending machine? Well, online auto retailer Carvana has actually made the proceeding quite convenient by launching their first car vending machine.

IFMAR 4WD world champion Bruno Coelho gets a 1/2 Scale RC Go-Kart

Bruno Coelho gets custom OSKART by MagnetikPenguin

XRAY driver Bruno Coelho recently won the 2015 IFMAR 1:10 Electric off-road Racing World Championship at the Yatabe Arena in Japan. To celebrate his first IFMAR podium finish, MagnetikPenguin presented him with a customized OSKART machine, a 1/2 scale RC go-kart. MagnetikPenguin is a Portugal-based company which develops and produces the OSKART, a 1/2 scale kart equipped with dynamic pilot and a combustion engine. The manufacturer presented Bruno a special model that has been specially customized for him.

Stella Lux drives 930 miles on a single charge in World Solar Challenge

Stella Lux drives 930 miles on a single charge

Recently, 42 car racing teams have participated for a 1900 mile (3000 kilometer) trek in Australia, as part of the World Solar Challenge that focuses on energy efficiency. Unlike other car races, this solar-powered car race aims at utilizing less external energy. However, highlight of this year’s event has been the team Eindhoven from the Netherlands, who set a world record by driving Stella Lux family car to almost 930 miles (1500 kilometers) on a single charge.

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